Fibromyalgia Symptoms

Although increased sensitivity to pain is the main symptom of fibromyalgia, fibromyalgia syndrome and other types of chronic pain diseases form a family of overlapping syndromes. Therefore, even though the most common symptoms are pain and fatigue in muscles and tendons, often it is seen that those suffering from fibromyalgia will have other associated conditions and symptoms. It is because of these overlapping symptoms that fibromyalgia cam to be categorized as a syndrome rather than a disease.



Learn How To Recognize Your Fibromyalgia Symptoms!

This list of major symptoms of fibromyalgia is for your reference only and it is not intended to diagnose fibromyalgia, which should be left to a doctor familiar with the disorder. It is important that you seek an informed professional before jumping to conclusions regarding your condition. As well as, since the majority of fibromylgia patients are women, it's important for women to find the right and supportive gynecologist to discuss how menstruation, pregnancy, and menopause will affect and be affected by their fibromlygia.

Note, not all these fibromyalgia symptoms will apply to all patients. Common signs and symptoms of fibromyalgia include:

Widespread Pain Morning Stiffness Fatigue Vision Problems  
Nausea Sleep Disorders Urinary and Pelvic Problems
Dizziness Chronic Headaches Cold Symptoms
Temperomandibular Joint
Dysfunction Syndrome
Multiple Chemical
Sensitivity Syndromes
"Fibrofog": Cognitive
or Memory Impairment
Skin Complaints Chest Symptoms Anxiety
Depression Dysmenorrhea Aggravating Factors
Myofascial Pain
Muscle Twitches
and Weakness
Memory Loss:
Is it Real?
Weight Gain The Menstrual Cycle Troubles Breathing?

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Hi gypsy67 Like you I have not felt like myself for over two years. I am 66 and always been active and loved walking. I went on holiday last year took a short walk to the beach and went back to our apartment within 30minutes to sleep I felt worn out. I feel as f I have suddenly aged to 90. My mother is 88 and is more active than me. I have just been diagnosed with IC/Painful Bladder which is part of Fibro and I have an appointment this week at a Pain Clinic. All I hope is that they take me seriously and I don't come away feeling as if they haven't listened.
Hey Skeeter12 I am suffering from several ailments and have questions for you. We seem similar. I have Hoshi's and now am wondering if I haveFM?
Thought I was crazy. But after injuring my back 11 years ago Doctor finally said this can cause fibromyalgia. I have chronic pain, sensitivity to smells, light, sound and problems with memory. These are just of few of the things I deal with daily. I have recently found a Doctor who knows something and is helping. Started taking Gabapentin (100mg) daily and now up to (600mg x3) daily. It does help but with arthritis and neuropathy also I do take some Ibuprofen. Doctor doesn't like but it works. After reading the list of symptoms from above, I think that there is only two that I don't deal with daily. The cold doesn't bother me but I really have problems with heat. After hurting my back I found I had Hashimoto and it has gone down hill from there. My lovely husband has been a true supporter in all this but when you take to some people they look at you like you are nuts. I am sorry that anyone is going through this but it helps to know that someone out there understands. iroxx777 said it best "Prayers to all!"
Just want everyone to know that you are not crazy or going thru menopause... The hot flashes are real and I had a doctor finally tell me that your nervous system does control your body temperature!!!! Go figure, I thought I was going nuts, was tested for hormone/ menopause all neg/normal. tested for thyroid all normal... Got off of the Lyrica because it caused me to have weird dreams and talk in my sleep, but I think Im going to try again. I cant stand feeling sick ALL THE TIME. The hot flashes and nausea are driving me nuts!!!!! God bless us all, suffering with this problem... Prayers to all
Hi I'm looking into mabe suffering with fibro going on four years I've been suffering with pain in my right rib cage it all seems to stem from when my mum was diagnosed with terminal cancer she's now passed 3 years this may I was admitted to hospital 3 1/2 years ago with right rib pain with suspected gallstones I had abdominal pain jaundice liver function test were positive all over the place but nothing showed had 2 ultra sounds and a scan all settled down and never suffered since except for this rib pain like it all fuses and when I rub the area can feel it crack and pop it's always there but does flare up were it gets me down I've had feelings of prickling heavy right arm into breast and shoulder a feeling in the morn were I've been kicked I've been diagnosed with low thyroid all at the same time I get carpatunnel in my right hand everyday really bad in the morning hard to take deap breaths blurry eyes achey neck lower back ache every now and again upper spine pain from the lower neck to between shoulder blades housework wears me out very tence neck burning left elbow digestive problems like ibs symtoms thrush on and off its difficult as some of my symtoms mimic thyroid drs not listing I'm 45 maybe pre menapause no period for a year now if it was musculature it would of healed by now but it's been going on for 4 years I need some answers it's like someone pulling my ribcage squeezing it get a lil relief with heat and rubbing it out but never goes away always got the sock feeling stuck in ribs but flares up wer it's unbearable this week the mucle under my armpit has been hurting like I've been weight training still and achey I've suffered on and off nausia wen laying down in bed sorry for the long post could it be fibro it's getting me down so much need some answers xx