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ADD and Fibromyalgia
2 Replies
suzanne - August 10

I have both ADD and fibrmyalgia. I have been doing looking for info. on the treatment of ADD with dextroamphet[?] or other similar meds. I feel much better when I take it. I was wondering if anyone had been treated for both and found relief from fibromyalgia pain, fog, etc. as I have?


Carrie - August 9

Hi Suzanne. I have been diagnosed as being ADD since I was about 5 years old. I have just recently been officially diagnosed as having Fibromyalgia. I stopped taking ADD meds around the age of 12. 2 years ago I went to the doctor because I was tired all the time. I had absolutely no get up and go what so ever. Prior to this I had gastric bypass surgery to loose weight and had lost 190 pounds. Enough time had gone by that I should have been feeling wonderful and I just wasn't. People were always saying to me "wow you must feel so great since you lostt all that weight." I would answer that I did but really I didn't and I thought that I should be feeling a lot more energetic then I was. I ate heatlhy, I exercised and I wasn't carrying such a heavy load so I wanted to know what the problem was. My doctor ran a lot of tests and they showed nothing wrong with me. She was mainly looking for nutritional deficiency. She suggested that I might possibly have SAD (seasonn affective disorder) and that prozac would help. I said that I didn't want to take Prozac because I had in the past and my concentration was terrible when I first started on it. I had a new job and really needed to concentrate. She then asked if I thought I might be ADD. I told her that I had been diagnosed as ADD in childhood and been to many specialists for it but stopped medication long before.She then suggested medication for that. Long story shorter I started taking Adderall and what I noticed more then anything was I no longer felt like a walking zombie. I had energy again and felt like i thought I should. At that point I was not in pain so I can't answer if it helped with pain or not. I can say I feel overall better after I take it and it definitly helps me with the fatigue part of Fibromyalgia and I thing the Fibro Fog as well though lately I've been in severe pain and had a lot of fog time. I'm working on that now.


suzanne - August 10

Hi Carrie, Thank you for the input. I had never really thought of the two together untill I was looking around on the net. I do really feel better on add meds. I too have been told many things about myself including bi-polar. I don't have that. as long as I take my add meds I really do alot better. I tried adderall I didn't feel well taking it. I guess that's why they have lots of diff. meds. If one is not doing well you can try another.I have also been told I might have SADD then they told me maybe I had the other end of that problem and got depressed when the sun was out. I had to laugh out loud at that one. The thing I find with the dexidrene[sp?] is the fog totally lifts and the pain just goes away. I know you have not asked but the site I found with the add fibro conection is I found it to be a real eye opener. It really makes me think we might be lucky to have add if we have to have fibro. Anyway let me know what you think. Suzanne



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