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Karlee - May 2

My mom has fibromyalgia and she hurts alot, she has also been diagnosed with IBS which puts her in a lot of pain too. Nothing we have found so far really hepls with either ailments and I was wondering if maybe fibromyalgia may be causing symptoms similar to IBS and thats why nothing is helping with her stomach pains. Are there any natural treatments that can help her?


jonquiliser - April 27

cutting out dairy, artificial sweeteners and MSG from one's diet; then when that's achieved, any or all of the following (entirely or conumption kept to a minimum): wheat/gluten, meat of all kinds, sugar, alcohol, chocolate, hydrogenated and fried fats, saturated fats, coffee (though for me it works as a pain relief in the short term, long term aggravates pain..), salt.

If having allergies and food sensitivities, leave out those foods as well. common such foods: nightshades, corn, soya etc

do gentle exercise, nothing overly strenuous.

possible supplements if risk of or actual deficiencies: magnesium, calcium, b12, etc.

additional supplements you can try, if all else fails: MSM, chlorella, carnosine, carnithin, pycnogenol..


Pam - May 2

Karlee, I have MFS and I also have IBS flare-ups. I find that raw vegetables such as broccoli & cauliflower flare up the IBS along with taking antibiotics can as well. I take something from the compounding center pharmacy twice a day that has acidophilus (sp?) in it and it puts the good bacteria back in my gut and it really helps. Shaklee puts out a probiotic that you can buy that really helps too. Watch the foods and see what seems to flare you up. Also, over eating & milk products can cause flare-ups and of course stress. (The Shaklee & Probiotic from my pharmacy are natural and they work!)
Praying for your Mom right now. IBS can be pretty miserable.



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