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Doing Better With Diet
6 Replies
Cher0208 - March 14

Hi everyone,

Just wanted to let you all know, that I'm doing a lot better with my diet change. Eating whole foods, lots of greens, little to no processed/packaged foods, no sugar, very little caffeine, as much fish and sometimes meat as I can. etc. Don't get me wrong. I totally cheat. But my diet is better than it has ever been my whole life. The pain and fatigue is lessened and sleep is improving. So I just wanted to tell everyone that eating better is making a very significant difference. A lot of you already know and have implemented changes but for those that haven't give it a try!

Hoping you ALL have a peaceful and pain free night.


Cher0208 - March 14

Oh and p.s. after doing the research about mycoplasma infections possibly causing Fibro, I read that something in nuts (I forget the long name)feeds the infections? Well anyway I gave up my almond milk and almost all the nuts I've been eating for the most part and I definitely started feeling better after that. Just a thought. :0)


mdak - March 14

chero208- Thank you for sharing this. I haven't changed my diet at all. I have had FM for a long time but never really knew how to care for it. I got the book on FM also. Hopefully this will share some too on the diet. I got the Diagonsis on FM but never went back. I sufffered with so many problems over the years and my others Dr's never put all these problems together.It really upsets me after all this time. I have some reading to do.I cant wait to share what I have learned with my Dr's.


January - March 14

Cher - thanks for the post. I haven't read about whatever it is in nuts - maybe an amino acid? Do you remember where you read this?

Glad your diet is helping! The Wall Street Journal had an article over the weekend about CFS and its possible connection with the retrovirus XMRV. Of course, all the scientists are fighting because patients are too dumb to understand science. EXCEPT, some of us maybe were scientists once!

INTERESTING NOTE - in Dec. of 2010, the Red Cross decided to stop accepting blood donations from people who have CFS! But they are still teaching in med school that this disease is a mental illness linked to depression.


Cher0208 - March 14


PLEASE change your diet! LoL. It has helped me a lot and I don't even want to think of the despair I was in a few months back not knowing what was causing my constant pain. For instance, yesterday and I pasta that wasn't gluten free (A big no-no) and just now I had some cream cheese (Dairy is also a big no-no. Well now my hands and arms hurt. We can't always be so strict but it's amazing to see how food affects me. Get your hands on a book called Reversing Fibromyalgia. It has info on diet(although you have to see what works or doesn't work for you for the most part), supplements, safe exercise plans, and tons of info on causes of fibro like the mycoplasma infections. One thing I should say is that doctors suck! Not one of them is helping me the way doing my OWN daily research is. So annoying that we pay tons of money and wind up having to be our own doctors.


The website was rain tree I believe. I looked all this up after you posted some info about it. I found the article again and copy and pasted this:
Supplementing back the depleted amino acids has been reported to be helpful in some recovering from these infections. These include L-cysteine, L-tyrosine, L-glutamine, L-carnitine, and malic acid. Remember, however, that mycoplasmas thrive on arginine! Avoid L-arginine supplements and multi-amino acid formulas containing L-arginine, as well as foods rich in arginine to avoid feeding the mycoplasmas. The richest food sources of arginine (to avoid) are nuts and seeds, including the oils derived from seeds and nuts which should be eliminated or drastically reduced in the diet.

I have to say that after reducing all the nuts and seeds I noticed a big difference. Nuts are really good for you but not if you have a myco plasma. My God, the information and advice out there is overwhelming and confusing.

I also read that Wall Street Journal article. That makes me pretty upset. I mean, what the hell is causing this horrid situation and why isn't there more information on it? For me, eating right, exercising and sleeping right is all I can do. Since there is no "cure" and they supposedly don't know what this is then we just have to do the best we can until they get around to figuring it out. But first doctors have to start accepting that this is real. My GP who I will not being going back to does not "believe" in FMS or EBV!


January - March 14

Cher - thanks for the info! I never cared for nuts, but my acupuncturist told me to eat pistachios. I don't think they bothered me. Recently I have been eating lots of almonds, and sometimes my skin looks bad, and it seems to be related to eating almonds. Guess I will toss them. L-arginine, of course. It's not good for other viruses either.

Had you heard about the book from the 80s called Oslers Web. Pretty scary book that back then predicted this "health disaster" was going to get worse. I hear Hillary Johnson, the author is going to re-release the book.

Some theorists say mycoplasmas (aka "cell wall deficient bacteria") were "invented" in labs during WW2, specifically made to be a very stealthy, hard to find and hard to treat infection - and that they were used in biochemical warfare. Some authors say these were the bioweapons that were given to Saddam and he used them. That's the link with Gulf War Illness. Some say they were released from research labs by accident. So over time, mycoplasmas got into the environment and the insect population and spread. Who knows. These are just some of the theories people fling around -- but there might be a grain of truth in there somewhere.

Certainly the mainstream is not putting out much new information, hasn't in 25 years - and drug companies are getting rich with drugs that treat symptoms forever and just zonk us out enough to not be a bother. I'd love to know if anybody out there has been permanently CURED of fibro or CFS from any drug treatment out there - that was SAFE. Sign me up.

Interesting though, if CFS is a MOUSE retrovirus, just think what is the most popular lab animal around…?

I just did a search and I'm starting another post on arginine!


Cher0208 - March 14

Omg how maddening that this bacteria was possibly created in a lab. I wouldn't be too quick to dismiss a theory like that. There is alot that we don't know. I have been researching nutrition stuff non stop but I haven't read anything about what you wrote! Its fascinating though, all the possible origins of this...whatever it is. I just hope that we get to a cure soon. How wonderful that would be.

Well, I'm sure you've heard of "leaky gut syndrome". I have been taking 7 grams of Glutamine at night. Strengthening the stomach is so important as once your stomach is permeable, bacteria that isn't supposed to get out goes to other parts of the body and your body attacks it and therefore causes pain. Or so I've read. I'm sure the glutamine is helping too. When you're on so much stuff its hard to tell what is helping. It's expensive, confusing and just hard to keep up with all these supplements.

I too would like to know if anyone was ever cured of this? All I hear is people that have it for decades and say it gets better. But never do they day they returns to normal. Anyway, I love the info that you have. Keep it coming!



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