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red hot skin?
7 Replies
peachmelba - January 12

hi there, has anybody experienced this, only i'm that worried it could be something quite serious. i was just sat watching tv when all of a sudden my back started to get uncomfortably hot. i then sat up got off the sofa and lifted my top to have a look at my back, it was red raw like very bad sunburn. it has frightened me, i was wondering if anyone else has had similar episode such as this or am i alone! it has since calmed down but left me feeling rather worried. i would love any feedback as i am at my wits end. i don't want to go to the docs incase its nothing. i have suffered with fms for about 7 yrss now. even though i have experienced this before its always been when i've done to much and had a flare up.thanks for reading.


slb71 - January 13

I have had the hot pain of feeling like a sunburn on various parts of my body, including my back, but anytime I've looked at my skin it has not been red. Mine has not always been from doing too much necessarily but for sure when I have been stressed.


sad mother - January 15

My FMS started around year 2000. This past year, late in 2010, I started getting the hot, hot skin. If I were younger, I would have thought it was menopause! It would have been a strange case of it, but I would have written it off as such. I am now ( mid Jan 2011 ) having these 'heat waves' on my skin - head, back, arms, trunk, legs - at the strangest times. I have them EVERY time I have to urinate, they wake me up all night long, I go from feeling like it's 100 degrees F to needing it to be 50 degrees F. I have also developed fibromas on my feet, along with the plantar faciatis (sp?) and cannot walk well or do any excersises. I have not found anything to relieve the heat attacks. Has anyone out there found any relief from them? I could go on and on and on but I am too depressed to right now. Sorry


alivenotliving - January 15

Hi peachmelba
I am a fibro sufferer as well and I'm sorry to hear that you are experiencing the burning skin...I get the burning sensations quite often and I know how horrible it is. I suffer from two different kinds of burning skin. One feels as if a hot iron is literally being held to my skin...and it hurts to barely rub it with a finger. It stings and burns just as if I would have spilled hot oil on myself or grabbed a hot iron. I also get raging burning itches that move from spot to spot on my body and it feels as if I have fiber glass all over in my skin. Even my clothing hurts me some days when it rubs against my skin. Sometimes there is a redness...and sometimes there's not. I had to have a histerectomy almost 10 years ago and have been through the hot flash stuff...and these burning sensations that I get are nothing like hot flashes. It's not a feeling of being too warm as with a hot flash. It is truly painful and menacing. I will not say I am glad I'm not the only one who experiences this pain...because I am not...but I am glad that for once, as I explain what I am feeling, there are people who truly understand.


powderblue - January 20

Hi Peachmelba,

Glad you brought up this topic. I remember when I first got FMS about 12 years ago I would be trying to wash the dishes (which was quite painful) and my feet would get quite warm and go a rather red colour, which would then fade after a few minutes after I started activity. Don't get the red feet now but I have often noticed my hands being the same colour (where I normally feel the pain more) if they are sore after activity. It is a different red colour to when you have a lot of blood in your hands too.
Sorry to hear you are having such a hard time Sad Mother. Have you tried traditional chinese medicine (acupuncture and chinese herbs). It helped with my pain, energy levels and irritable bowel. Traditional chinese medical doctors also take into consideration the "heat" and "dampness" in your body. I also do Qi gong (like tai chi) which I find is energising and has a overall balancing effect on my body.


peachmelba - January 22

thank you all for your support, its comforting to know that were not alone in this nomadic illness. i call it nomadic because its never in two places at the same time, its always on the move. i've had another burning sensation since, still on my back! my mum and sister have both recently been diagnosed with f.m.s. but as of yet they havent experienced the burning.


Clay2Fame - January 23

I just came looking tonight to see if anyone else had something like this as I've been experiencing something similar. I've had these heat rash looking patches on my legs (inner thighs) and my upper right arm and sometimes on my elbow too. It feels hot like I burned it or am holding a curling iron against my skin, itches a little but mainly just that hot burning feeling. I've had fibro for over 5 years now and just recently started getting these red rashes that I don't know how to explain otherwise. They seem to come and go, even in the last few days I think they're clearing up then wham they start up all over again and are very bothersome now (I'm in a flare too, pain but more severe fatigue). I've been using a cream but it's not helping and I'm not against going to the doctor but in my experience they just tend to dismiss a lot and I don't know that I'd get very far or even if I need my regular family doctor, a dermatologist or what. I have a rheumatologist but doubt she'd be able to help. Any suggestions for an OTC remedy, etc.? Sorry to those of you also suffering with fibro and all the things it brings :(


TruthSeeker - September 19

Hello, I have been experiencing the same thing for about 7 months now. It started with itching on my arms and legs with some rash. After topical treatment, the short episode of rash was gone but then since then my skin looks sunburn. It burns and hurts and very sensitive. It is a tactile thing now. Mostly my back because lean back on the couch or chair. When it acts up really back it is difficult wearing clothes. If I rub up against something my skin gets very red and it is quite painful. I was told I have peri-vascular dermatitis. Never had skin conditions at all but do have Celiac since 1993 but on a strict diet.

I have had blood work, seen a Immunologist/ Allergist and also a Dermatologist and no one can figure it out. I had my Sedimentation Rate-Westergren checked and C-Reactive Protein, Quant and it didn't reveal anything. I am not sure, how much longer I can deal with having this problem without anyone taking it serious. So I empathize with you.

When I use a steroid cream and a small area, that is the only area that is no longer red. Clearly something is going on and I want to get it resolved. The allergist said I cannot take a scratch test for allergies until is subsides but the only time is subsides is when I take Zyrtec or other allergy medications, but then I have to stop taking the meds for at least two weeks before going for the test but then I am too flared up again.

If you just want relief. I would try to see if an oral allergy medication works for you as well. If it doesn't ask your doctor for an oral steroid and see if that helps. Biopsy is really a waste unless you want to check for any serious skin conditions. I had a biopsy and when it came back it said peri-vascular dermatitis. When I ask the doctor what that means. He said rash... We already knew that and results said could be cause by medication, food allergy, environmental etc. So basically it didn't tell me anything. Good luck.



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