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Really bad day!
4 Replies
weemama - April 1

Hello everyone! So, I celebrated my 57th bday a few days ago...i shouldn't say celebrated i guess. The weather here is changing dramatically and I am having the worst flare up I have ever had. Have had to call in sick at work for the last two days...that problem being I don't recieve sick pay without a docs note and to get in to see my doc takes at least 3 weeks. I have been severely depressed since the big day...don't know seems it was my worst bday ever. sorry for being such a baby, but bdays in my family used to be so wonderful..and this year the only one of my family to wish me well was my 95 year old mother...I have two brothers and a sister whom I never forget on their special days, and it really hurt my feelers this year....How do I get out of this slump and smarten up....I have never been so down before...Is it the weather?


January - April 2

Hey, weemama, Happy Birthday to you! A hundred times over. From the heart.

I'd feel kind of hurt too if I were feeling crummy AND no siblings or friends bothered to wish me a happy birthday or say "hope you feel better - do you need anything?" Because I'm me, I might even get on the phone and tell them how bad it made me feel. Especially since you've been kind enough to remember their days even in spite of your illness, which can make things like that a special effort…

I'm so sorry you are hurt, but I certainly understand why. For all 3 of them to forget… and I'm assuming they haven't called to say "happy belated birthday, sorry we forgot"… that stinks! Do these people ever do nice things for you? Or are you wasting your time with them? As I've gotten older, I've learned to pick and choose who gets my precious time and energy. Friendships (and even family relationships) are a TWO-way street. I'd say try to meet some new people who will appreciate you more, so next year you can go out to lunch on your birthday! And bless that 95 year old mom who remembered!


beckytea - April 4

I, too, have been having some really bad days the last week or so. I always seem to feel worse when the weather is unsettled. I hope you will feel better soon. :)


weemama - April 5

ty january and beckytea....I will walk away from my family someday, but right now I look after my mom and one of my bros lives here too. I am very hurt by my sis not calling, but she has done alot of other things that have been worse. I do have alot of great friends and alot of good people at work. they all remembered. made me cry. I do try to think of me, but right now working full time and caring for my mom 24/7 is my main concern. She is a great lady and I will be here for her until the which time I am gone from this house! Then it will be me time. Thank you again for the words of comfort and concern...they are very much appreciated


January - April 6

Hi weemama. You have a lot on your shoulders, but caring for an elderly mom who has been good to you is a special act of love, and I understand your wanting to be there for her. Bless your heart, she is lucky to have you. I'm very glad you are getting some love and support from your friends. And I sure hope the weather has changed and you are feeling better.

The weather where I live went crazy overnight, with cold wind and rain coming in. So I'm not feeling so great today and yes, it is the weather! At least the allergies weren't so bad… : )



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