Fibromyalgia Treatment

Just as fibromyalgia symptoms are very multifaceted, and incorporate different body tissues, so should the treatments. Treatment for fibromyalgia are very comprehensive and usually involve more than one health care provider including: physicians, chiropractors, occupational therapists, physiotherapists and psychiatrists.

With all types of treatment, the emphasis is on minimizing symptoms and improving general health. Brain mapping is one diagnostic procedure that can help you better identify certain discomforts, which can help you recieve appropriate treatment sooner. Furthermore, since the symptoms of fibromyalgia wax and wane, treatment is an ongoing process rather than management of a single episode.

With the assistance of a health care provider, you should collaborate to construct a unique treatment plan that addresses your particular circumstances. The treatment plan will necessarily evolve as you progress and change.

Since individual manifestations of fibromyalgia vary from patient to patient, so do must successful forms of treatment. As such, finding a health care provider that provides you with proper treatment is essential to receiving the best fibromyalgia treatment; our fibromyalgia medical tips helps you build a healthy relationship with your fibromyalgia specialist and provides helpful advice on how to overcome fibromyalgia misdiagnosis, while our Top 10 Questions to Ask Your Doctor is an important tool for helping you become an active participant in your fibromyalgia treatment.

What works for one patient may not work for another. While one person may prefer a new type of treatment, like hyperbaric oxygen therapy or frequency specific microcurrent, another may find trigger point injections, guaifenesin therapy or nerve blocks to be more beneficial. By working with your health care team, you can find the appropriate type of treatment for you.

If you have a sleep disorder, seeking treatment may help you reduce your other fibromyalgia symptoms.In addition, progesterone therapy can also provide solutions for such symptoms of fibromyalgia such as widespread pain and chronic fatigue.




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I suggest you all find yourself a Dr. who believe in Lyme Disease. I have been told for 40 years that I have Fibro and moved to another State for my health reasons, I found a new GP and he sent my blood to U.S.A. and had it tested for Lyme and BINGO, it came back positive to Lyme. What a shock! I can't say that there is any treatment for it but at least I know what it is.....LYME. Symptoms are the same as Fibro and treatment is about the same but maybe one day there will be an answer to both of them.
Belle U Yes the only thing that helps me is Pseudo and all of the allergy tablets, nothing else even touches the sides. I have tried everything known to man, I am on 75mg of Lyrica and can't get off that but the allergy pills are the best.
Nice post and video!! I enjoyed the information. You may get more information on
I am having very excellent results with Fibro fog with Pregnenolone. This is also helping with morning stiffness and muscle spasms.
Most all of this can be found in Brewer's Yeast. It tastes horrible, but mix a tablespoon in soup. It has EVERY Amino Acid there is plus vitamins. You'll be impressed. Most likely have to buy it at a Health Food Store, but some pharmacies and Grocery stores carry it.