Alternative Fibromyalgia Therapies

Complementary medicine, or alternative medicine, uses techniques different from traditional medicine to treat illnesses. The benefit of complementary medicine is that it does not include pharmaceutical drugs or surgery and thus has significantly fewer side effects. It is for this reason that complementary medicine has become so popular and is many people’s first choice when dealing with chronic illnesses, such as fibromyalgia.

Herbal medications are often preferred over prescription drugs and may be helpful for some fibromylagia sufferers. There are also some supplements fibromyalgia patients can take, such as glucosamine and chondroitin. Other popular alternative treatments include massage therapy, aromatherapy, biofeedback, neurofeedback, cupping, reflexology, chelation therapy, acupuncture and acupressure.

People who are looking for a more complex form of complimentary medicine may want to make an appointment with an osteopathy. This type of medicine incorporates physical, medicinal and surgical forms of diagnosis and therapy to naturally treat the body. Those who want to take a pro-active approach to their condition may be interested in the Rehab Approach, which requires a patient to self-manage their treatment.

Some other lesser known types of therapy include trigger point therapy, which is similar to acupressure, hypnosis, light therapy, low frequency sound therapy, and craniosacral therapy and environmental therapy. Reiki therapy is another alternate form of therapy that can be helpful in alleviating fibromyalgia symptoms, as is Watsu therapy and magnet therapy. A digestive system cleanse can bring fibromyalgia relief by eliminating toxins in your body which can causing and aggravating your fibromyalgia symptoms.

Many fibromyalgia patients feel over stressed due to their debilitating symptoms and the regular demands of daily life. To help combat this stress, it is

 important to pick up some useful relaxation techniques.

In addition, flower essences is another alternative fibromyalgia treatment that is becoming increasingly popular and which can help to improve fibromyalgia symptoms such as chronic pain and fatigue, as well as to improve your overall physical and mental health. Hyrdotherapy, which is based on the therapeutic use of hot and cold water, can also bring you the relief you need from your fibromyalgia symptoms while dance therapy uses therapeutic movements in order to relieve widespread pain, anxiety and fibrofog.

Humor therapy uses the power of laughter to alleviate the symptoms of fibromyalgia. If you're an animal lover, pet therapy is a good option for easing fibromyalgia pain. Emu oil is another alnternative threatment for fibromyalgia that can help to bring fibromyalgia relief and can supplement medicinal therapy.



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I really like this informative video. The Doctors Show try and add some controversial debate when actually patients and doctors are on the same page, but that is to make for good TV I guess. I have suffered with Fibromyalgia but since I embarked on the Chrysalis Effect Recovery programme, both as a sufferer and a practitioner, I agree more and more with Dr Notlin Hadler: treating with drugs that don't work is a bad idea. Chrysalis Effect practitioners understand the condition, and offer a truly holistic approach to getting better.