Mirapex and Fibromyalgia: The Study

A study evaluating the effectiveness of Mirapex on the symptoms of fibromyalgia was conducted for the National Fibromyalgia Association. Run by Washington rheumatologist, Dr. Andrew Holman, the study’s results were presented in the journal Arthritis and Rheumatism.

How the Study Was Performed

60 fibromyalgia patients were enrolled in this double-blind, placebo-controlled study. One group received increasing doses of Mirapex while another group received a placebo.

These groups were evaluated every two weeks, with a final evaluation occurring on the15th week of the trial. Those receiving Mirapex were given an initial dose of 0.5 milligrams, which was gradually increased to a maximum dosage of 4.5 milligrams. Both Mirapex and the placebo were administered in the morning.

The Results

As expected, the Mirapex patients experienced a greater reduction in fibromyalgia symptoms than those receiving the placebo. However, the difference between the two groups was much greater than expected.

  • 42% of those treated with Mirapex experienced at least a 50% reduction in pain symptoms
  • 82% of patients taking Mirapex experienced some type of symptom relief

The most commonly reported Mirapex side effects were nausea and weight loss, with 30% of participants losing between 5 and 35 pounds over the trial period.

How Might Mirapex Help You?

If approved, Mirapex may be able to reduce your fibromyalgia symptoms significantly. In particular, Mirapex may be able to:

  • reduce muscle pain
  • decrease muscle stiffness
  • improve range of motion and mobility

Mirapex has also been used in clinical trials to treat the symptoms of restless leg syndrome. Affecting a large percentage of fibromyalgia patients, in clinical trials Mirapex helped to eliminate symptoms of the syndrome for at least 24 hours. This enabled many sufferers to get more restful sleep, thus reducing fibromyalgia symptoms.

For The Future

Based on the outcomes of this study, future trials using Mirapex for fibromyalgia symptoms are planned. Mirapex is not yet approved for the treatment of fibromyalgia.

It is possible that a medication that works similarly to Mirapex may be introduced for the treatment of fibromyalgia. However, more studies need to be done on dopamine receptors and their role in fibromyalgia before it can be introduced.


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