More medicines that reduce fibro symptoms


Ultracet has been approved for use in the United States. It works to reduce symptoms of pain and fatigue and helps to increase your ability to function. Ultracet is actually a combination of two medications: the opioid, tramadol, and the over-the-counter analgesic, acetaminophen.

Ultracet works to decrease pain and improve function by acting on specific pain pathways in the brain. It also decreases the size of pain signals being delivered to the brain, reducing the amount of pain that you experience.

In recent studies, Ultracet has proven to be highly effective for fibromyalgia sufferers. In one three-month trial, fibromyalgia sufferers were given up to eight Ultracet capsules a day.

After three months, the fibromyalgia patients experienced a 22% increase in function and mobility, and a significant decrease in symptoms of pain and muscle stiffness. The most commonly reported side effects included nausea and constipation.


Pindolol, sold under the brand name Visken, has been tested for use in fibromyalgia patients. Pindolol belongs to a category of drugs known as beta adrenergic receptors, or BAR-blockers.

It works to calm the sympathetic nervous system by blocking the neurotransmitter norepinephrine. Fibromyalgia patients often have excessive amounts of norepinephrine in their system.

This prevents receptors in the brain from being activated without a large increase in activity from the sympathetic nervous system. This can cause a number of physical symptoms, including pain and stress.

A recent study evaluated the effectiveness of Pindolol on fibromyalgia patients. This study concluded that daily doses of Pindolol help to substantially improve symptoms of muscle pain, muscle stiffness, and sleep disorders.

The most common side effect reported by Pindolol users was excessive perspiration.

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