FM Frustration

Fibromyalgia syndrome is a very frustrating illness to have. Until recent years, even the medical community had trouble accepting that all of the pain being complained about was real.

For years it was determined that most sufferers were dealing with an illness that wasn't real. Few people truly understand the condition, although with all the research and exposure over the past few years, more people are beginning to "get it."

It may be difficult for you to relate your pain to your friends and family. To help them understand, ask them to think back to when they last had a bad bout with the flu. The memories of constant aches, pains, and fatigue may help them to understand what you are facing.

Fibromyalgia Treatment

Although there is no cure, there is a wide number of treatments available for fibromyalgia. Medical treatments and drug therapies can help alleviate your pain. Alternative treatments are also widely popular.

The best treatment approach is the team approach with a doctor, physical therapist and possibly pain management professionals. It can take a long time to put together a team such as this, but when it is assembled, the combined expertise of the professionals can make a huge difference in quality of life.

Think about joining a support group for fibromyalgia sufferers so you have someone to share your thoughts with.


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