Treatments for urinary problems

For urinary incontinence, urgency, and frequency, a variety of treatments are available. The most effective treatments are typically those that involve some sort of physical therapy.

Kegel exercises, which train the pelvic floor muscles, are highly recommended for women with bladder problems. Regular physical activity is also effective at helping to strengthen the bladder muscles.

Medical treatments are also available for urinary and pelvic problems. If an infection is present, your health care provider can recommend appropriate medications to help eliminate the infection.

Muscle relaxants, like oxybutynin chloride, are helpful at reducing bladder muscle spasms that contribute to urinary incontinence. Antidepressants can also prove useful in reducing these spasms.

The use of electrical stimulation can often help to retrain bladder muscles. Mild electrical pulses sent through the vaginal muscles help to tone and strengthen the bladder.

Surgery can also be a helpful option for urinary urgency and incontinence. Surgery can add bulk to the bladder, helping to delay urination, or it can provide more support to the bladder region.

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2. Can't hold it in?
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