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alcohol and FM
16 Replies
Patsfan - February 25

Does anyone know the physiology behind the effects of alcohol on FM? I drink wine and most of the time it is for relief of really tight muscles. I know it dehydrates you which is bad for muscles. Everywhere I look they say no alcohol for FM. I drink about a bottle a week but sometimes a glass of wine is the only thing that helps. I try to stretch, deep breath, hot tub...before I try the wine.


dalanna - February 26

I have noticed that if I drink, more than 2 drinks, I feel it in the morning! I get those "wonderful" body aches similar to having the flu, joint/muscle pain and big time fatigue! A gleass of wine doesn't seem to effect me, but everyone is different. Do you feel different on mornings that you've had a glass or two of wine vs. none at all?


Patsfan - February 26

I just started a diary for my sleep habits and wine etc. I am going to look for a pattern and see what makes things worse or better. I had 4 glasses ( unusual ) the other night and felt super achy the next day!


ngh - June 18

I find one glass of white wine helps me to relax when I´m really stiff. But I prefer to not drink because of the meds I´m on (mainly Amitryptiline). I feel awful the day after if I drink more than 2 glasses


cooped - July 29

From what I have read, alcohol is avoided as it effects the blood flow through the brain, and effects the Central Nervous System, both of which are major contributors to fibro pain. It may be a chicken\egg thing about most of the treatment drugs being effected by alcohol, but as alcohol can effect the toxicity of narcotic pain medications, it may increase risk of overdose.

Personally, I still have a beer every now and then, but find that it adversely effects my sleep. So I have to have it early enough so i can still take Lunesta.


Sonja44 - November 19

Drinking Alcohol Is like Russian Roulette for me. First, I'm a very cheap drunk...usually a half of a wine cooler does me in...literally...but sometimes alcohol causes severe muscle cramps...chest, arms, stomach,'s horrible and lasts for 20 minutes or more.

An RN friend of mine says that she thinks I'm allergic to alcohol. So, I stay away from much as I'd like to have one now and again.


Canada17 - November 19

One item on the list of foods my doctor gave me to avoid is grapes, another is alcohol. I find that I can tolerate a glass of white wine, but even one sip of red wine and I get heart burn from hell!

I think the reason we're told to stay away is partly due to the fact that our body processes the things we ingest differently, and not just in the stomach but also in the liver. This makes us more sensitive to the side effects of alcohol. In addition, many FM patients use prescriptions that have side effects that can be increased when alcohol is ingested or can be a dangerous mix together.

Also, many FM patients also suffer from depression and as alcohol is a depressant, this can exacerbate the problem.

It is also addictive.

I think if you know your limit and you are responsible ( ie. no binge drinking or getting drunk) you should be ok, try talking to your doctor about it, maybe there is something less harmful to your system you could be using to relax than alcohol.


Fantod - November 19

I don't drink largely because of the amount of medication that I must take. Even an occassional sip of champagne during the holidays makes me feel terrible the next day. It is just not worth it to me.


Canada17 - November 19

Champagne gives me a migraine, always has (unless I drink the expensive stuff) that is common in my family though, happens with my mom and both my sisters too.


bl0ndie - November 23

Dear Patsfan_ i am the same as you i have severe FIBRO and im on meds for it but a glass or two of wine helps for muscle relaxion like nothing else. I cant say I get drunk everynight because I dont (whereelse someone else would) no other alcohol agrees with me, wine wether it is red or white is an amazing easy relaxant. Don't beat yourself up, its ok. The western world I feel got us in this position, don't let them tell you your bad for wanting relief, it doesnt make you an alcoholic, its part dealing with fibro.


bl0ndie - November 23

...sorry to bleet on but I also wanted to add this is more important to monitor than the wine... try to cut out red meat, take fich oil 0mega3s everyday that you dont eat fish/seafood.. eat as much fresh fruit and veges as you can everyday, you probably know all of this...and stay away from wheat/wheat byproducts


blondie from nz


Barb202 - December 25

I was just diagnosed on 12/14/09 after years of pain. I have always found that a glass or 2 (small glasses) of wine is very relaxing to my shoulder & neck muscles where I hold my stress. I like to soak in a bath but it just doesn't have the same effect. I don't get drunk because on the rare occasion I have friends over and over-indulge - I feel horrible for 2 days. So now that I have been diagnosed I will not be over-indulging but will continue to do whatever provides the comfort I need. If we were in Europe no one would think twice about having 1 or 2 glasses of wine with dinner. Years ago I realized that I can not beat myself up for hurting because I knew it was not in my head. I am not going to take away the small pleasures I now know will become progressively fewer. Life is too short and too painful not to be kind to yourself. Have a Happy and Healthy New Year!


axxie - December 26

For Christmas I decided to have a glass of white win and I broke out in a rash, with two sips of it, and then I felt looped, tired and then no color in my face.

I think I'll stay away from it, since I cannot drink anything. I used to love to drink a beer sometimes, back a few years ago I started being sick, with just a few sips, so now, it's no alcolhol for me. It is just so not worth it, for me.


Kerryharvey - February 1


I have the same reaction with most alcohol & find that it depends on whether I'm having a flare up or not as to whether I react in a histamine way or not. I have to permanently carry anti histamine tablets with me incase there is any hidden alcohol in foods. I used to think I had an allergy but after reasearch & experimenting I could link it to FM.


leckami - September 15

I get exactly the same thing, its awful and extremely painful. i even asked a doctor and they didn't have a clue what it was. i cannot predict it either or find a pattern so I don't bother drinking now just in case


Cher0208 - September 26

I quit alcohol a few weeks ago. I am just 26 years old but alcohol has always affected me severely. Now with the fibro- even a little bit of alcohol will make me flare for a few days. Plus- I don't know my limit and was getting drunk a few times a week. I just wanted to escape from this hell but the price is not worth it. I'm ready to face my fears and issues head on. So since I can't be responsible with alcohol I had to stop it completely. With a health problem like fibro I personally don't think alcohol is the right way to go to get relief. Even though I don't use pot anymore -again I was a heavy user and had to quit since I couldn't be responsible with that either- I believe pot could bring relief to many people with pain conditions. Best if eaten (after being cooked properly) because smoking is not good either.


leckami - September 26

yeah i am currently trying to quit smoking pot which started as an occasional thing for pain relief but escalated and I even started smoking cigarettes too :( have to quit though as I have had catarrh on my chest for months now and I don't want a chest infection. i find the quitting of alcohol quite difficult as i am a nervous person and find it difficult to go on nights out with my friends without it but I guess the late nights were doing me no good either. I need to find a hobby and a group of friends that do not just want to go out drinking all the time because at the moment life doesn't seem worth it :( Hope you manage to find a responsible outlet for stress and pain :)



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