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Ashley .M. - June 17

What kind of foods would be helpful for a 16 year old with fibromyalgia that can help improve thier state of living?


Amanda - May 19

I recommend lots of raw veggies, and high protein. Try to stay away from lactose products.


suzy - May 24

lots of veggies. Juicing in the morning is the best and greens veggies are the most effective. I don't eat a lot of fruit because it's to much sugar. Most of my diet consists of MSG free, gluten free and dairy free. Gluten is the hardest but if you can make your own gluten free bread it seems pretty easy to do. they have all sorts of gluten free pastas that my husband and kids will eat. Fred Meyer has a great selection of healthy food. I downloaded from the internet all the "do nots" for MSG and gluten because you would be surprised with all the foods that contain these.


Pam - June 16

Ashley, First and foremost, have your 16 year old eat ONLY real foods. Fresh foods are much better than canned or frozen. Try to avoid opening cans and boxed food when you cook. Raw and lightly cooked foods are best. Research and try a gluten free diet for a few months. (Be careful when choosing meat because most factory farmed meats are grain fed. There is also no record of what the animals are eating. In a natural setting, cows eat grass and weeds.)
Digestive enzymes with meals are a good thing to try.
Your freshest foods are at your local farmer's market. See if there's an organic farmer.
16 year olds are not the healthiest of eaters but I've found that there is trend toward bottled water instead of soda pop and kids are starting to experiment with healthier foods like hummas, fruit smoothies and veggies.
If dairy is used choose organic, antibiotic free and take lactase with it. Raw non-homogenized is a top choice but is unavailable in many states.
So, the ideal diet is real fresh, clean, no additives, non-processed, gluten free and if meat is eaten it should have eaten a clean diet as well.


Anne Hillebrand - June 17

And no soft drinks, tomatoes in any form or lemons and other citrus. The acid is killer for us.


mamacita0511 - September 15

Stay away from wheat. Many sufferers of Fibromyalgia are also allergic to wheat. Also stay away from MSG - So no Chinese food. A supplement of Ashwaganda can also help. Make sure she is getting enough quality sleep. The body needs quality sleep to restore itself. There is no cure but there are several treatments that can help. Not every treatment works for everyone. Medications such as Lyrica work great for some but not at all for myself. This is a trial and error treatment illness. Good Luck. I have had Fibromyalgia for twenty years.



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