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barbiepink - September 22

i think the best i ever felt was when i was following the weight watcher core diet. i was also working out. at that time in my life i was pain free for the first time. as soon as i stopped working out and the weather changed and i got off the diet the pain came back.

the weight watcher core diet is just eating really good foods. no processed stuff. it makes a big difference. even though i am not heavy i am going to join weight watchers on=line so i can eat healthier. that does make a big difference with fibro people. also i notice i need the stucture so i can help my family eat better. I can't think alot because of fibro fob, and i think being an on-line memeber will help meget good ideas for dinners. my kids and husband do not expect good dinners from me anymore and i hope to change that in the future. good luck


pattip - September 28

I follow the Transitions Lifestyle System. I have had great success losing weight, living healthy and feeling better each day, which makes enjoying life so much easier. This is a 3 part system with eating low glycemic index, exercising and changing behavior. I love this system so much that I am helping others now follow the program as a consultant. We use support and accountablity, along with a great website that includes tracking meals and exercise and has great recipes. Very user friendly. I can give you more details if interested. Also check out My email is [email protected]


Anne Hillebrand - October 3

Do you have acid reflux / gerd with FMS? That's Overly Acidic Fibromyalgia. 90% of Fibros have this version of FMS..

Then cutting out acidy food and drink will help with FMS and the gerd.

You can test saliva pH to see how your body is doing.


healthychocolate - October 25

I personally have had great success with chocolate... but not the traditional chocolate on store shelves -- rather a healthy chocolate. There are lots of people who are having success with this cold-processed chocolate -- which preserves the antioxidant value of the cacoa bean. Check out this link -- there are lots of weblinks which explain the benefits -- which extend far beyond fibro!


cajun1966 - November 14

I'm not offically diagnosed with Fibro yet. My doctor thinks I have it, but I have to go throught all the steps first before they will diagnose it.

Anyway, I do believe I have it and one of the main issues I'm having now besides the pain is weight gain. I'm on a 1600 calorie diet and I work out every other day. I've been doing this since August and I haven't lost a pound. I'm so frustrated.

My doctor wants me to go on MERIDA, but I heard it causes high blood pressure. Anyone have any suggestions?


unforgettableus - December 20

I found this woman who does coaching of fibro people as she has it and is managing her life very well - I would contact her - she seems to know what she is talking about. try reolcoaching and then put in the dot and com to get her website.


LAM630 - January 18

dear cajun1966, i just finished my tests and have been diagnosed with fm just 2 weeks. i have been taking Indocin which has been awesome relieving my pain but you can't be on long-term because it chews up your stomach worse than ibuprofen and eventually is also bad for your liver. even the rheumatoid dr. told me that. anyway, they prescribed amitriptyline and i've been on it only a week. it's an antidepressant med & i'm on the lowest dose - 10 mg. my dr. said it was the best drug to start off with for fm - low side effects. so far i have more pain than with the inducin but i can't be on that one too long anyway. my pain is still minimal and i'm hoping it stays that way. God bless & i pray you'll find the med that works with your body. hope this was helpful. if anyone else reading this is taking inducin, you need to take prescription prilosec at the same time to protect your stomach .


Lydia - February 7

I eat loads of veggies, organic broccoli, cauliflower, carrots, apples, raisins... I rarely have any stomach problems. Aches aye but my digestive systems is good.



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