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food allergy and muscular pain
11 Replies
arvee - July 25

Hello there !
It seems most people on this forum are unaware of food allergy and fibromyalgia connection. I have put my post in response to "food allergy and fibromyalgia" post which may be useful to you. I am trying an ellimination diet (removing dairy products, soy, wheat, oat the common allergens) to figure out the culprit. I will let you know if I find any improvement. In the meantime if anybody noticed the fibro symptoms due to any of the above allergens please let me know. Sharing our experiences we can learn a lot. Thanks a lot.

I wish you all become fibro-free.


Cheryl - May 4

Read my post under General Discussion under the "FMS without neck and shoulder pain" heading. I believe it's a Candida Yeast Infection, not just food allergies. I feel much better, and actually see light at the end of this unexplainable tunnel!


Charlie - July 30

I have recently been diagnosed with FM and I have done a lot of research on it. I, too believe that a Candida Yeast infection was the culprit. I have been on a yeast-free diet for over a month now and have cleared up a problem with IBS which has plagued me for many years, has improved my sleep and given me more energy as well as completely eliminated a chronic cough that was so bad that I was on three different puffers a day and took decongestants almost every 4 hours. I am sure that my co-workers would have liked to kill me some days, it was so bad. I can't emphasize enough the benefits of trying this diet. It truly does work and gives wonderful results. I lost twenty pounds in over a month. Yeah!


stu - August 5

i managed to reduce my ibs and significant muscle pain by eliminating bread. Im sure it is the yeast that causes a problem in this area because I had an alergy test that showed I was sensitive to it. Im sure other foods are still causing me to feel stiff and sore. Does anybodies symptoms seem to come and go over a preiod of weeks or months?? i can reccomend cutting out bread it is part of the solution im sure!!


Linda Reinhardt - January 21

I have found several items that increase my fibromyalgia pain. Diet sugar in any drink and especially in diet pop, tuna, oranges. Regular milk accumalates in my system and will give me horendous headaches if I drink and have milk products several days in a row. Cottage cheese and eggs are the latest foods that I have found to cause stiffness and what I call rigormortis, not reall pain but feel like I am moving through quick sand.


j.kheir - February 14

I am doing the same thing you are and so far the elimination diet seems to be releiving all my IBS Symptoms. I am hopeful for additional relief but am grateful for what I have discovered so far.


arlene draper - February 18

I have had fib.myalgia for 40 years. When I am ill and don't eat, my symptoms go away. I have discovered recently that cane sugar, wheat, caffeine, booze, and citric acid all contribute to my muscular pain. I am at present avoiding them all and my symptoms have all but disappeared.


abikareem - July 25

food can cause mascular pain


ontoplady - December 31

I recently had food allergy testing and to my surprise, found that I am allergic to about 25 common foods, including oats, broccoli, carrots, celery, romaine,citrus, wheat, dairy, tomatoes, kidney beans, etc.
Some allergies are not as bad as others so I can eat those food on a rotational basis. I also got food allergy drops from my dr. to take after meals. I DEFINITELY feel better if I avoid sugar and chocolate which were also on the list. I was amzed at the difference it made in my emotional state, too and in my sleeping patterns. Less insomnia and more refreshing sleep. If food allergy testing is not available, you can do an elimination diet. Check out Dr. Michael Murray's website and click on fibromyalgia..he has a great section on food allergies and the ffect they have on fibro.


freckle - August 31

check out the no msg site, this really does oit for me, it took me years to realise that it come under twenty some names and is there even when the product states no msg, also aspartame, saccarin put me in the hospital for a week, sulphites and coloring are bad also,


salliec123 - September 27

Interesting...I googled muscular pain and food allergies and saw this site. I have osteoarthritis and in the past was diagnosed with Fibro. I never gave it much thought as I thought it was a term/diagnosis given to my Mother years ago to pacify her constant complaint of pain.I did not want to hear that about me (don't go to doctor often) I now notice that after eating flour/wheat products(which I have almost eliminated) that my pain is worse and that my sinuses are affected.No one I spoke to ever heard of the connection and I felt kinda silly trying to figure it out. Thank you for your post.


ourmagic - November 6

I have had aches and pain for many years. Also problems with sinus infections, bad breath, white spots on tonsils. Did a yeast free diet years ago and knocked out all of the sinus issues. Only a problem if I eat wheat for a few days in row.

Recently found out that too many nuts can cause earaches and vertigo.

Now, have also cut out wine, coffee and sugar and am hoping to see an ease in pain and sleeplessness.

I was finally diagnosed with FM a month ago.

Am also starting to buy organic foods and household items.



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