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Lactose Intolerant
11 Replies
bmcgovern - November 11

I am not able to have any dairy at all. I do use soy milk which i hear is not good for people with FM, but it does agree with me i do not get any flare ups from it. Does anyone use anything else to substitute milk?


Canada17 - November 17

Brown Rice Milk; it tastes like really watered down milk.


bmcgovern - November 18

But i am not sure if i would like to drink watered down milk, But thanks for the option.


Canada17 - November 18

hehehe yeah, it's not the greatest, but in cereal it actually doesn't taste much different than skim milk. Plus I get the vanilla flavoured one. It's enriched with calcium and b vitamins. I wouldn't want to drink it on its own though...


axxie - January 4

Just buy lactose free milk, preferably the skim or 1% and you should be ok.

Also you can drink silk milk the soya milk, and if you like coffee, your favorite coffee bar should have lactose free milk.

Be careful of the white bread and anything that has milk powedered that's a no no it doesn't agree with us lactose people.


Canada17 - January 4

Soy milk can have some less than pleasing effects for us Fibromites.

I'm not sure what all the factors are but I do know that consuming it increases mucus production so it is definitely something you would want to avoid if you are sick...


bmcgovern - January 5


I did not know about the mucus production i just don't know what else to really do. I am kinda experimenting with the soymilk. I am drinking it one day to see how i react and the next day i don't. I just like the chocolate soymilk so much. It just sucks having to give up so much and i don't want to be i am going to see how i react to it. I have been having super bad flare ups lately where i can't even eat much i get so sick from food now that it's made me loose weight. My new years was the worst i didn't go to bed until 4 am cause of such bad stomach pain. I am being very careful with what i eat if i do eat stuff that has some dairy in it i do take a dairy pill. Sorry i am going on i just hate not being able to have anything thanks for understanding. :)


Canada17 - January 9

You really need to discuss this with your doctor. If your stomach problems are causing you to loose weight you aren't losing it in a healthy way. Your body will slam the breaks on your metabolism and you will start to lose your muscles as your body searches for nutrients that you aren't getting through food. Your muscles will become weaker and that will definitely increase your pain.

There could be many causes to your stomach problems and lactose maybe be only one of them. You should be tested to make sure there isn't something more going on. Then you can discuss with your doctor if there is anything you can take to help with the symptoms that are preventing you from eating. You may also have to consider the fact that you can't eat most of the food that is available to you and you may be limited in what you can eat without suffering. It will take time but once you realize the benefits of giving up the foods that are making you sick, you won't want them so much anymore.

I know it's hard. I've had to give up a lot of what I love because of stomach issues and pain. Remarkable, my PMS is so much easier now! Aside from slight (instead of major) mood swings, I don't even know I'm going to get my period. My bowel movements are more comfortable and my hemorrhoids don't cause me as much pain. Overall my level of pain is more tolerable, although I still do suffer from flare ups, the last one has been ongoing for more than two weeks. However, it is not as bad as previous ones because I am being careful about what I eat.

I think it is so incredible that even the most healthiest of foods can cause such suffering for people with FM. Doctors are only just beginning to realize the connections and because we all suffer differently, it's hard. I think I am lucky that not only do I have a doctor who understands FM from a physician's perspective but from a patient's perspective as well, she has FM! While she doesn't know everything, she has a different compassion for my care.

I wish you luck in figuring out the foods that are triggers for you. I know in my case I don't have clinical allergies to these foods that would show up on a test but I can tell you that I am extremely sensitive to something in them. I am not producing an immune response, so I suppose that is why it cannot be detected by tests; my body is actually processing these things differently. There are fundamental differences in the way the cells of our bodies process stuff and while some doctors are aware of this, most do not know where to begin to treat them.


bmcgovern - January 10

I have gotten a scope done and they only found irritation spots and have had plenty of blood work done and they have found nothing. I have not been checked for any food allergies, but i am so sensitive to a lot of foods. I think the only reason i have lost weight is cutting out sugar, greasy foods, dairy, red meat, gluten. My weight was just fine before cutting all the foods out. I am trying to get my fats from foods but just not to sure on what to eat and what food won't hurt my stomach. I am eating as much as i can i always eat i just have to be careful cause if i eat something like a pasta or anything that has dairy or sugar it really sets me off. Thank you for the advice. I did not know healthy food can make you sick that's crazy.
Thanks and good luck with things you can eat to. :)


Fantod - January 25

Yes, I was recently started on almond milk by my new doctor. She thinks that one glass of whole milk a day was contributing to my GERD issues. I actually like the almond milk (very picky) and lo and behold my stomach has not been as touchy. You should be able to find it in the grocery store. The one I go to has a whole section of health food including a case for dairy items. I've tried the unsweetened and the regular almond milk. I like either one but will use the unsweetened just to avoids the extra sugar. Take care.


Kerryharvey - February 1


I have suffered with wheat/gluten/dairy & so on related weight & health issues for years. It was only by chance that with research I read about trying lactose free dairy products & noticed an immediate improvement in my symptoms. If I have what I call a blow out day then boy do I pay for it later-aches, pains, my IBS symptoms go sky high & I then get very cross with myself for doing so.


lacie - February 21

I have recently started modifying my diet to cater to my fibro... I just consulted a vegan friend on milk options. She says that rice milk has the consistency of skim milk, while almond milk is more like 2%. She suggests almond, and says that it's actually pretty yummy.

I haven't tried it yet, but good luck!



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