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New ideas to replace bread/carbs
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m.e. - August 22

Hi. I keep reading that dropping bread, pasta, wheat, etc. is best for fibro. I am running out of ideas on what to snack on or what to eat--can we completely go without any bread or pretzels?? I am drawing a blank on what is safe. I teach and get hungry during the day. Any ideas anyone? I think I will get so bored on protein, veggies, and fruit. I am one of those people who needs variety. Thanks for any replies!


solanadelfina - August 24

Hi, I've also been working on a variety of snacks to keep my energy up.

Nuts are great for us, especially almonds for the extra magnesium. They can also pack some protein, though I've heard it's more effective in its 'butter' form.

In the healthy aisles, there are a variety of alternative snacks. There are rice crisps, which are really tasty if you can handle corn flour, and also these really yummy crackers made out of nut/rice blends. There are different types to switch out so that you don't get bored.

Try switching up fruits, eat cooked veggies with different herbs or even sauces on them, or putting peanut butter on apples or celery.

If dairy works for you, string cheese and low-sugar yogurt are also good. Beef sticks or turkey jerky can help, but just be careful with the salt.
If there's a fridge, I'd bring hard-boiled eggs.

Good luck!


txplowgirl - August 27

Hi M.E.
Go to Bread, pasta, etc all have what is called gluten in them. has lists of gluten free bread, pastas, etc. Getting rid of all the gluten will help tremendously with pain and fatigue. Read the forums and you will be shocked and amazed. Vicky


m.e. - August 30

Thank you solanadelfina...great suggestions. I will try them! I appreciate your helpfulness


m.e. - August 30

Thank you too Vicky. I have been trying to avoid wheat, but it seems almost impossible. I was going to check out the health food store for products, but the website may be better. Thanks!



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