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Not hungry
13 Replies
Ta,Ta, McBu - September 13

Dose Fibromyalgia make you not hungry, I find that I am not hungry most of the time and have to be reminded to eat.


Ann-Marie - May 19

Its funny but i had never really thought about this until I read your posting but to be honest I have no appetite at all sometimes. It can get to 3 or 4pm and I will suddenly realise i havent eaten but even then I don't always feels hungry. When i do eat I find I get full really quickly. I wonder if this could be to do with the IBS symptoms I experience. Do you get these also?


Whitney - July 18

I find myself not hungry until I start to eat, then it's like I want to eat everything in the house! After a few minutes I end up getting a stomach ache though.


[email protected] - December 4

i also have periods of no appetite, and must force myself to take in at least a little something (i am underwieght), then other times my appetite is good. this has only happened since my fibro got worse. may be related to the ibs.


Jean - December 4

Are you on any antidepressants. Sometimes they kill the appetite.


Sarah - January 31

This is interesting, because I just posted a question concerning the fact that I'm always sooo hungry and that sometimes eating helps me feel better with symptoms like dizziness and feeling sick, but that could be totally unrelated to FM, and be caused by a whole different issue. In any case, though, as far as I have experienced, I'm never not hungry! -and I'm not on anti-depressants, fyi.


Sarah - January 31

It could also be that when we feel icky (as fm often causes) naturally, eating is not an option. even though your not hungry, try a small portion of something. you may surprise yourself with how hungry you really are.


Audrey - August 24

yes, i have to remind myself to eat.


Mary - August 27



Ali - September 13

I go through stages on not wanting to eat and only remember when I start shaking.


honora2929 - September 23

Hi all i can go all day without eating and i am still very overweight it is so not fair ,and if im tired i cant be bothered to eat. Hon


Tisme - November 2

I am in pain constantly and that in itself does take away my appetite at times.....


TERESA - November 4

If you "all" have not had yor thyroid checked lately, you should!! hyperthyroidism can cause these symptoms!


carm - November 5

Might be meds your on I know I feel quezy a lot of the time



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