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13 Replies
gladmac - October 12

How to improve the quality of sleeping.


KIM - May 9

A supplement with serotonin ( think that's how you spell it) can help you achieve the proper level of sleep.


apriltones - September 15

hi, didnt know you could get a supplemment with seretonin? where from? whats it called?


Joni - September 17

Anti-depressants can help you sleep better. Please talk to your Dr. I take one tylenol p.m. (Equate P.M.) at night with a zanex & that seems to help. Sometimes I take a mucle relaxer(Baclofen or Flexeril) to help as well. Prozac has seretonin. St. Johns Wart is sold at discount stores to help with moods.


Charmaine - September 18

please be careful Joni if you are taking anti-depressants eg venlafaxine (efexor), Prozac, xanax etc., as ST.John's wort reacts badly with these meds. I know as it happened to me accidently (due to lack of knowledge) and I could barely wake up for 2 days! Good luck.


Joni - September 19

Thanks Charmaine for your input! I knew they shouldn't be mixed but forgot to mention that on my last paragraph. Always check with your Dr. or pharmacist when taking medicine, especially multiple precriptions & mixing herbal remedies or supplements.


claire - October 12

Try practicing Qigong (chi)gong. Once I started practicing Qigong I started to sleep better. Called Sheila @ Yonemoto Physical Therapy (626)576-0591. Its made a big difference in my life. I think everybody who has been diagnosed with Fibro should try Qigong. Good Luck


asilinc298 - November 22

I use meletonin it does seem to make me sleepy, but still have the take a sleeping med to stay asleep for more then 2-3 hrs.


kaye - January 12

meletonin is a good herbal medication for sleep, i take ambien for sleep which works wonderful. i have struggled with sleep problems for a long time. the tylenol pm will damage your liver if taken along time. also try herbal tea like chamamile


neuro1 - April 5

Namaste Yoga does a lot to help me product is that if I do it faithfully some of joint and muscle pain fades.
But I really notice a difference in how well I sleep when I faithfully do my routine. I also take a tylenol p.m.
I also have GERD, and when I switched to taking my medicine for that at night, instead of in the morning, I noticed a big difference in the quality of sleep that I had too!


catya - January 14

I take 9mg of melatonin.


VVickers - May 9

Try 5htp supplements.


David - October 1

I prop myself up with a cushion and a V shaped pillow, it helps tremendously and I take when I have these pains the pain killers tablet called Tramodol.


Anne Hillebrand - October 3

Wear an eye mask and ear plugs that block out all light and all sound at your head.

If you can't do that, fold a bath towel length ways.

Lay it over your eyes and forehead. Tuck it alongside your ears.

No sleep med works like this trick does.



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