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16 and Diagnosed, treatment is offering little relief
4 Replies
ladylowtide - December 20

I've just recently been diagnosed and have been taking 1800mg of Gabapentin a day, which i feel offers only a little relief from pain, 25 mg of Amiltriptaline at night which helps with my sleep significantly, but does almost nothing for my pain, and 2.5 mg/325mg percocet which does make a measurable impact on my pain, but i can't take it more than once a day because my doctor and parents are terrified of opioids. My doctor has never had any Fibro patients before, is there any medications you could suggest, that would be suitable for someone of my age? My pain is widespread and severe, and very debilitating (bad enough that a sudden pain can make me fall to the floor), and i have become so sensitive that even goosebumps hurt. Any suggestions would be appreciated.


msrsk624 - January 19

I have been taking a combination of 150 mg of Effexor (antidepressant - only one that hasn't caused me severe side effects - I can't take Amitriptiline) and 2700 mg of Gabapentin (900 mg three times a day).

The Effexor helps with my pain, as well as with sleep and with my irritable bowel syndrome.

The Gabapentin also helps with my pain.

Together they work quite well to relieve my pain and other FM symptoms. I still have some problems, but they keep the pain at a tolerable level. If I miss either one (forgetting a dose or two or being late with a dose - or most recently, when the pharmacy made a mistake and gave me half the strength of my Effexor) - my pain escalates greatly.

I hope that you are able to find something that adequately relieves your pain.


cas56 - January 21

Hi ladylowtide, can you get to see a doc who has dealt with fibo before? If not, talk to your doc about Tramadol for pain. It seems to help me and is not as habit forming. Try to tell your doc and parents that your quality of life should be more of a concern than getting addicted Also maybe a different antidepressant than the Amiltiptaline would help more for the pain. Melatonin which an OTC helps me with sleep. I hope this might give you a few ideas and I'll pray for you!


llcsmom - January 23

My 11 yo daughter has FM. She can't swallow pills yet, so she cannot take Tramadol which her pediatric pain specialist had prescribed for her for the pain. I, too, have read and heard that it is a very good pain med for FM so that is the one I would also recommend. The only meds my daughter takes right now for pain are liquid Tyelenol and Ibuprofen--which don't really help her much. She tries to take alot of hot baths and showers, and we've tried some essential oils (like lavender) to help the pain and help her to relax at bedtime.
Sorry you're having such pain. I'm sure it's hard on your parents like it is for me to see my daughter in so much pain at times and wracking my brain for other ways to help her!


jewart10 - January 30

Hey ladylowtide. I'm 16 also and have been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia just last month. They prescribed me Naproxen 500 mg (prescription strength Aleve) 2 times a day. It dulls the pain a little bit but the side effects are horrible. I get sick almost every morning, I have moderate to severe nausea and it's definately not my drug of choice. However, that is only to hold me over until I see a Rheumatologist. But it's taking a long time to get an appointment.



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