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Anxiety and Depression best meds? With less side effects??
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shula - September 25

Hi everyone , I have a severe form of fibro I've had it for over 20 years. In the last few years my anxiety level went through the roof mixed with a chronic depression. Years ego I was put on Paxil for one year . Hated everything about it ( insomnia, walking time bomb....) Later on I was put on Amatriptaline ( got even more depressed, crying all the time , weight gain) . Since then I've been off everything , probably 7 years. Three days ego I decided to take Ativan , it worked like magic, I haven't slept like that in years, also I felt SO CALM total relive ! I know its very addictive so I don't want to stay on it , don't know what to do! At this point I feel like I need something or I'll go crazy .Is there anything new with less side effects. ?
Thank You

Fibromyalgia , Anxiety,Depression
Meds: Morphine


Jocelyn - October 3

Hi Shula,
I also have high anxiety. This started as child and has escalated as I grew older. I had tried many anit-depressant drugs for the anxiety but they never worked. They always wound me up. I am now of Klonapin, 1 mg every night. Yes, they are addictive and you need to be under a doctors care. They have helped immensely with my anxiety. You have to remember that the sleep effects of these drugs do wear off as time goes by. I have not had to increase my dosage in years because it takes the edge off of my anxiety, not only at night, but during the day. I am much better for it. However, I wish I did not have to take it. High anxiety is a tricky thing to treat. With the tranqulizer and self help for anxity, I am able to keep things under control and feel well. I have an aunt who is the same way and has been on tranqulizers for years, she has not had to be increased either.

I hope you are able to find something that works for you. Good luck!


January - October 14

I think the word "addiction" should be not be thrown around the way it is. If you have diabetes and take insulin, are you addicted to it? If you have to take meds for any chronic condition, are you "addicted?" I suppose in a way, you are, but not in the way that some people think. Certainly, if you take most of the antidepressants out there, you will rapidly be addicted. Yet, "addiction" seems to be the dirty word that is thrown at people if they take narcotic pain medicine (which works very well for some people) or anti-anxiety meds. It is not thrown at people who take other medications.

I just read something (sorry I can't remember where) but the article said there are a number of people who do not do well on drugs like antidepressants and anti-seizure meds (the typical "FDA approved" fibro drugs). They said that in certain people a benzodiazepine tranquilizer (like Valium or Ativan) works better. If you are responsible, you should be able to keep your dose low. If you build up a tolerance, you may have to increase the dosage, but that happens with lots of drugs.

You state that you feel so much better on the Ativan -- it seems to be working better than anything else for you. So what is wrong with taking it? Believe me, if you take something like Cymbalta or Paxil, you WILL be addicted and you will probably develop any number of nasty side effects, and it will be hard on your body to stop taking the drug. So if the Ativan works for you, and if you are not abusing the drug, why not stick with it and see if it helps you? If you are an addictive type personality, if you feel the need to take extra doses or if you take meds when you don't need them, then that is a problem you should discuss this with your doctor - but if you can manage taking a small dose as prescribed, I don't see a problem. I do not think Ativan is any more addictive than most of the fibro drugs out there! Hope you are feeling better!


Jocelyn - October 15

Right on, January! I couldn't agree with you more!


January - October 17

Thank you Jocelyn!



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