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Apo-trazodone versus Pms-trazodone
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PEANUT - September 15

Hi. I have been taking Apo-trazodone for many years. I refilled my prescription and noticed that the tablets look different and are bigger then I noticed that the prescription prefix now reads 'Pms' instead of 'Apo'. Does anyone know if or what the difference between the two is. 3 days ago I got off of Cymbalta and started the refilled prescription of'pms'-trazodone. For the last 3 days I have had a constant headache, diziness, upset stomach and 'wild' nights of continuous dreaming. I suspect this is withdrawal from the Cymbalta but also wondered if the changed up prefix on the Trazodone makes a difference and could be affecting me. Either way, this is no fun - especially spending the afternoon with my mother at the Cancer Clinic, sitting there hearing the tv (which totally irritated me although I was told it wasn't really loud) and the 'smells' (which just added to the nausea I was already experiencing. Anyway, today has pretty much been spent in bed, but for this question on the forum. I look forward to any reply. Now I'm off again to rest.


January - September 15

Some of this sounds like typical withdrawal… however, the best thing to do is ask your pharmacist about the difference in the trazodone meds. Good luck, hope the symptoms go away quickly Peanut!

Withdrawal can make you feel irritable and stressed, so just remember that. And you might mention the uncomfortable feelings and see if the pharmacist or your doctor has any suggestions. Maybe you should be tapered down slowly instead of just quitting. I've read of people opening up capsules, and just taking parts of the ingredients, paring themselves down slowly to relieve bad withdrawals. Talk to your pharmacist.


Noca - September 17

PMS is a far better generic than APO(Apotex) in my experience for MANY generic meds I've taken when comparing those two together. Though I never got those two combinations specifically with Trazodone, but IMO I'd go with the PMS(Pharmascience) brand instead. Chances are your pharmacist won't know SHIT ALL about the difference in quality between the two generic brands, ESPECIALLY relating to these obscure combinations.


January - September 17

Your pharmacy clerk probably won't know the difference, but if you can get to PhD pharmacist, I'm sure he can help you sort it out.



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