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Best Drug for Fybromyalgia
62 Replies
snowflurree - February 12

For sleeping you can go to your healthfood store and ask about Melatonin. Do a google search and find out more info about it. Hope it helps you.


snowflurree - February 12

Well for what it's worth. My daughter started Sevella and it really helped but after one week she had to stop because she was also taking an antidepressent and you can't take Sevella with it. At least that is what she was told. She was sad as the Sevella started working right away.


snowflurree - February 12

I totally understand the part about having lots of energy and feeling great....and then the flare up. I used to tell my husband it was like someone took a syringe and injected my body with poison and it had taken over my whole body. I have always had lots of energy and am a very up person, but when I have the days that are unbearable, I wonder which person I really am. Bizarr, oh definetly!!


snowflurree - February 12

Vicoden is the only thing that works for me. It is unconsionable that doctors prefer to let some people suffer,(they should have this pain for 1 day) maybe then they would know what it's like to not only be in pain, but to have a doctor totally disregard what you are up against. The same strictness about Vicodin is also the rule her in Calif. but my doctor is so wonderful, she understands what I need to help my pain.


Canada17 - February 12

Doctor's reluctance to prescribe narcotics is not due to them preferring to let someone suffer in pain. There are a great many doctors out there who are concerned about lawsuits due to overdose or addiction. Granted there are a lot of doctors out there who don't know what Fibromyalgia (FM) is and many more who just push the patients through as quickly as possible, but they are not intentionally causing excess suffering. We all have a choice to find a new doctor if we feel the one we have is not treating us properly.

Also, there is limited evidence that narcotics are helpful with the pain of FM. There is so little known about FM to begin with that even the doctors who are aware of it find it difficult to treat effectively.

In addition, it is a well known fact that what works well for one FM patient often doesn't for another, and many have serious adverse reactions.

Our doctors are not "know-it-alls". We have to take some responsibility for our health and pain management. Especially when it comes to an invisible dis-ease such as FM.

Narcotics are not just addictive, they have acetaminophen added to them which can cause liver damage. There is research out there suggesting that FM patients have reduced liver function, while only at a sub-clinical level (meaning the abnormality does not appear on any diagnostic tests), because we are so sensitive to pretty much everything thanks to central nervous system, it would be wise to be hesitant to prescribe a drug that hasn't been proven effective.

If the risks outweigh the benefits, why should a doctor prescribe you narcotics, or any other medication for that matter?


Tennesseechik31 - March 26

I find that the Percocet 10/325mg works well for me It has less additive qualities to it. You can become more addicted to Hydrocodone than you can Percocet. Also I have took Lyrica and had some very bad outcomes I had breathing difficulties which got me put in the hospital and had a bad rash for 2 weeks. So be careful to anyone on Lyrica.


tlsinpain - April 15

Lyrica in high doses like 400 mg a day workd but I have serious side effects from it. vertigo, heart palpitations. I take celebrex because it seems that fibro usually does not attack alone, there usually are things like bursitis of joints and arthritis that plagues fibro patients as well as ibs. I take melatonin and xanax for sleeping, and trying gentle yoga to keep muscles streched out helps a bit but hard to keep up.


all44 - May 20

Are you seeing a pain doctor or is your general practitioner prescribing the hydrocodone? Reason I ask is because GP's are usually more leary of prescribing pain meds than actual pain doctors. If you arent seeing a pain doctor you might want to find one in your area. I have gotten the best results using a pain doctor. Usually before you can get an appt. with a pain doctor you have to have a referral. Good luck!


snowflurree - June 20

There has been a lot of reports lately that Advil is so bad for you and can cause heart problems. My advice is "find a new and sympathetic doctor". My doctor is wonderful and is willing to let me try anything that will help me. We have pain, that is the bottom line and until you find a doctor that is willing to give you a medicine that can possibly work for you, again I suggest try a new doctor and let your present one know why you are changing to a new one. I take Vicoden and Fiornal and in between I take Vanquish, it helps some but some days are the pits with no help at all. Good luck.


snowflurree - June 20

I think it's Dilaudid that you are talking about. It is morphine. It worked for me but since I suffer from migraines, it made them much worse. I don't take it any more except when I am in excruciating pain then I take only 1/4 of a pill and it help with 2 Vicoden.


BuzyLizzy - June 20

Hello All,
As far as meds for fibro are concerned,
I have been on SAVELLA since Sept.09 and it is
wonderful. It is the only drug made specifically
for fibro. The other meds, like cymbalta and Lyrica are used "off label". Give your doc a call and ask
about it, worth a try. I have more energy and less
flu-like symptoms being on it..Wishing a
comfortable day for all.! ! !


Barbkm1 - July 15

In reading this blog, I see many of you are taking Norco, vicodin, Dilaudid, and Hydrocodone.
I am taking vicodin and my doctor is very reluctant to increase the dosage. I would like to know what dosage people are taking, strength and how many times daily. I want to know what is considered reasonable. The pain is much worse for the last few weeks.


beckytea - July 17

I took savella and an antidepressant at the same time with no problem. I did have to quit the savella because it caused my blood pressure to go too high and I had bad headaches. It did help with the fms so much I hated to quit with it. The doc now has me on neurontin which hasn't done me any good. I'm back to square one.


Stacey373 - July 18

Hi barbkm1!

I wanted to answer the question you asked about medications. First of all, I may be wrong about this...but I think vicodin, norco, and hydrocodone are the same meds. Hydrocodone is the generic name for vicodin and Norco. I think the difference between vicodin and Norco is the strength of the meds. (meaning Norco is stronger than vicodin)

But check it out...I may be wrong!

I take Norco...but on the bottle it says the generic name, which is Hydrocodone/apap 10-325mg. My doctor gives me 180 pills a month which is 6 pills a day.

I really don't know if this is the "normal" dosage or the "average" prescribed for us. I think it all depends on what your doctor is willing to give you and also what works best for the individual patient.

Hope this helps you...Take care of yourself, Stacey :o)


Teresa123 - July 23

I have had fibro for 2 years now..I am on 4x650 mg tylenol, 15 mg Mobic, 4 Utram, 20 mg Paxil, and 100 mg Tramadol at night... That is working pretty good.. my doctor want me off Mobic, due to the side effects.. but has just asked to try it when I am feeling good. I can handle it for 5-6 days then start really achy again. Today I decided to take 1/2 a tab of Mobic and will see how that goes.. I will keep you all posted..:)


Lee2010 - July 28

Hi Barbkm1,

I also take Norco. My dose is 8 pills per day, but to me it's like someone taking an Advil or Tylenol. I am also on Neurontin (Gabapentin) and take 3600mg per day. On really bad days, with lots of break-thru pain, I will self-medicate and add one more Norco. I always make sure that I don't take more than 4000mg of acetaminophen per 24 hours. I have been diagnosed by my pain doc as being non-receptive to opiates. Apparently the part of the brain that accepts opiates does not work in me. I've tried just about all of the pain meds out there and have yet to find one that offers me much pain relief. So I just hang in there with the Norco (which seems to help more than any other drug) and hope that one day I will stumble upon a new drug that will actually work on me.

Good luck and I hope that your doc will be more receptive to giving you a higher dosage of the Vicodin if that's what will work for you. Like so many on this forum have said before me - if the docs had to walk even one day in our shoes with the pain that we endure, I have no doubt that they would not hesitate to give us our prescriptions.

Hang in there!



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