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Cannabinoids for Fibromyalgia
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dman1970 - June 21

I tried to look thru the threads to find one about Marijuana being used a treatment for fibromyalgia & didn't notice any. I find it hard to believe that I would be the only person with a fibromyalgia diagnosis that has found that orally ingesting Cannabis oil in a pill form can take away most all symptoms! After a very short period of therapy I was able to resume most all activity and found myself on the high road to recovery (no pun intended) Life circumstances have caused me to not have access to the cannabis oil, but I want everyone to know that the positive effects from the Marijuana/cannabis oil lasted for about 5 weeks after discontinuing use. I have had to discontinue use 2 times in the past 2 years with the same results...All symptoms had returned by 7 weeks.


January - June 22

We have older threads about the value of cannabis in treating fibro. I also like a website called peoplespharmacy - they have many posts about various uses of cannabis - one man claims he cured his wife's pancreatic cancer with certain preparations of cannabis. It has multiple proven medical uses.

I am all for it, and would be using it - no side effects except, maybe, enjoying music too much : ) if the laws here were more liberal. But it's not worth getting in trouble.

I've read the the drug companies have been experimenting, and are getting ready to roll out prescription drugs (cha-ching!) derived from cannabis. (And that is why there is now a push to delegalize in areas where it is legal to grow your own.) However, my feeling is the Rx drugs will come with a lot more nasty side effects than you get with Mother Nature - that is to say the best healing comes from the natural product. Glad you got such good relief from it, and posting about it can only help other people get educated on its benefits.

Along the same lines, I've read articles about the value of psychotherapy with LSD and mushrooms - and have met pillars of the community who went through this therapy years ago. Used correctly, and at low doses, there are none of the bad side effects or addiction issues that come with the "newer" psychotropic drugs which were, after all, developed from original research on LSD. It's too bad that some people just believe the scare tactics put out by… who knows? - and don't research enough on their own. If anyone is interested, research on natural substances can be located by searching for "entheogens."



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