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Chronic muscle tension in neck, shoulders,upper back
31 Replies
kikafika321 - June 21

If you have chronic muscle tension and/or bone pain of inexplicable origin, you may want to consider taking a vitamin D test. Recent research has shown that chronic muscle tension
can be caused by a vitamin D deficiency. See for more info. For me, the main symptoms were chronic tension in the neck, shoulders, back and hamstrings. It took me three years before I figured out what was wrong. After I started taking an ultra high (50,000 IU/week) prescription dose of vitamin D (D3 to be exact) the symptoms gradually went away over the course of a few weeks.


serafin - June 24

The only thing that takes that type of pain away for me is a massage. I try to see her twice a month to releave the pain (insurances don't cover for massages). I hate taking anymore meds unless I'm desperate. She's quite aware of my desease so she knows how to work those muscles! Try it if you can it's much cheaper than drugs.


stfluffybrain - July 12

kikafika321, yes I am suffering the same and I am having the same treatment. However how often did you retest levels of D? Did you test calcium and magnesium and PTH? How long was the ultra high dose maintained and did you drop to monthly high or daily maintenance?
luv Dawnx


kbanshee - August 18

I agree on the Physical Therapy management - you want to look for PTs that do 'neuromuscular re-education'. I have a great PT at Healthwell Physical Therapy in San Francisco.

I must agree with kikafika321 about 'Vitamin' D testing, but disagree on the interpretation of the results. While the Vit D deficiency has something to do with it the reasoning is backwards (by the VitaminCouncil as well)...for one thing, D is a secosteroid (precursor hormone) and not an actual vitamin. Also Vit D being low is the result, not the cause. Taking Vit D would mask the symptoms, but not resolve the underlying issue.

Check out
& also check out (search for Vitamin D deficiency there) and in general.

Here's a key paragraph from the pdf:
For half a century, medical science has been noting the association between Vitamin D serum levels and disease. What developed has been a concept of ‘Vitamin D Deficiency’ based solely on the assumption that ‘low’ Vitamin D serum levels somehow cause disease processes. But this ignores the alternate hypothesis -- that the disease processes themselves regulate the Vitamin D metabolism -- that the observed ‘low’ values of Vitamin D in disease are a result of the disease process, and not the cause. Molecular biology has now taught us that the body is capable of making its Vitamin D directly from 7-dehydro-cholesterol(10,11), and that the generation of the Vitamin D metabolites is modulated by inflammatory disease processes(11,12). Not only does the whole concept of ‘Vitamin D Deficiency’ need reconsideration, one should question whether it is misleading to even use the word ‘vitamin’ when discussing this secosteroid.

I'm still getting pain between my shoulders/upper back/neck, but I'm dealing with the underlying disease process & hopefully it will be resolving completely. In the mean time PT saves me every time.


faithhopeluv65 - August 18

I was taking Zanaflex with Darvocet and it caused me to have bad hallucinations. I thought I was going crazy. The drug by itself is great.


shadow - December 1

I have the really bad headaches that I get up with them and go to bed with them I dont sleep well and have Fibromyalgia as well as other health problems the doctor put me on Tizanidine 4mg at night before bed no help so they have me take 8mg now still no help. I wish you luck I sure wish I could find something to help me as well. Many Prayers.


Noca - December 2

I use Diazepam or Clonazepam when I need a muscle relaxant.


bmcgovern - December 2

I have really bad pain in my neck, shoulders, and back. I have had the pain there for a while, but earlier this year i was in a car accident which made it much worse. For the first few months after my accident i went to the chiropractor and massage therapist which helped relieve the pain, but i still have the pain in those muscles everyday which gives me a migraine, I usually just take Ibuprofen or Tylenol which helps the migraine, but i still have to get a massage to relieve the pain in my shoulders, neck and back. That is the only thing that helps me in those areas. I do workout 3 times a week some days is harder than others but i am trying to get my muscles stronger. It does hurt them sometimes, but i just pretty much deal with the pain.


[email protected] - December 4

ive had this for a few years, it was diagnosed as cervical spondalosis, i take co codomal 30/500mg and diazepan 2mg, when it is at it's worst.even then it only takes the edge of it,


Awesome1 - December 30

I am one of those who suffered greatly from FM for over 5 years. Like what some of you have said about tension headaches, it is a guarantee occurrence.

For a long time I was confused whether it was muscle tension or pain. I knew that once a month I would get a headache. Headache pills were the only thing I knew, and I was not confident with the doctors.

Fortunately, I was introduced to a natural medication, and if you ask me how I feel now, you wouldn't believe me. It is almost the one year since being on that med and I am as normal as can be, and more excited to share the excitement.
I could sit up all night, and type away. Once I hit the rack, I get my solid 6 hrs, and when I’m up I just “fly like superman”. And I have been doing this day in and day out. Exhaustion level is unnoticeable. I spent 90 min at the gym, take my med (sometimes I skip a day or two) and still, I’m as normal as can be.

Just reading about the drugs used by so many, there seem to be "no light at the end of the tunnel" for most of the FM sufferers. I have never used any of the prescribed drugs, and will NOT use any for the rest of my life. All I can attest is I now use ONE natural medication as preventive medicine.

Currently most people understand that there is nothing from well-known sites about the cause or a cure. Guess what, most of you may have to readjust that thought. The cause is known, and the solution is already available.

Almost a year ago I thought same thing; good posture, and healthy food. But my problem didn't go away. My headaches were guaranteed to show up after working out. Explain that.

By the way, has anyone being diagnosed with R. Arthritis? Expect that to happen as well. Women with SLE most certainly will have FM and/or RA. If MS is also diagnosed, don't be surprise.

The objective of my input is to reverse the situation. So here is a start. See what else GlyRite will reveal.


flipperlover - January 17

I was diagnosed with FMS in 1995, that is where all my pain lies, is in the shoulders between my neck and arm socket going down my back, I get so tense sometimes I have to lay on a heating pad, that is only a temporary relief. I have taken all kinds of muscle relaxers some help some make me loopy, but the adverse reactions to some med's are like that, sometimes I feel better after taking a nap, sleep seems to revive the body or help itself heal.


papadopolous - December 17

did you try


Suzannemh - January 4

The diagnosis of my vitamin D deficiency was what set the ball rolling on finding a diagnosis for my symptoms. I never realized the total of the deficiency can take on your body. It amazes me how so many of the fybro symptoms stemmed back from many yrs ago w no diagnosis. I got to a point in my life, when I got so bad w no answers, I wasn't sure I could on. Research, on my part, has helped me get a better handle on things. Now if I can only get others around me to understand lol


[email protected] - February 22

Deesilove How much vitamin D should you be taking daily for FM, neck, shoulder pain?


athena1626 - March 7

I am 23 and have been officially diagnosed with Fibromyalgia since I was 18, but have been suffering symptoms progressively worse through the years since I can remember, and the daily migraines started I remember first when I was in 3rd grade. It has gotten much worse since. The sides of my neck, down my shoulders are rock solid. Massage therapists, when I can afford to go for emergencies from pain, are in shock at how tight they are. I am absolutely miserable, as I see all of you are as well. The tension migraines get so bad, I'm desperate for help. I am currently taking Orphenadrine at 100mg twice a day, Topamax 100Mg twice at night for migraines and others for the Fibro like Savella and Gabapentin. But lately, the neck tension has been unbearable. The Topamax does suck tho as far as the soda taste, I'm glad someone was able to describe it better than I have, the best I've been able to do was say it taste like I'm drinking a ton of tiny cold swords lol. I live in Missouri though, so my insurance doesn't cover massage therapy, but I'm convinced if I was able to have that a minimum of twice a week, after awhile, my neck and shoulders would get loosened up enough, the migraines would go down enough, I might even not have pain at all and might even have a normal life as far as migraines go. If only all of us could afford such a thing :/ I know I'm desperate for help to relieve this pain, I'm dying in pain as I type, I have no options left, I've taken all the medicines I can tonight. What else can I do if my medicines aren't working? I've gone through so many med changes. Most of them that you guys have named I have tried and they don't work for me. Does anyone have any suggestions that aren't medications? Heat pads and massage chairs and TENS units I have and use daily and they work enough to keep me from balling my eyes out so not to cause more of a migraine. I can't take it. It helps to know I'm not alone, but I don't know how much longer I can manage the pain with all the stress of work, school, bills and keeping a roof over my head. Any suggestions of success you've had is appreciated!


redrag1437 - March 24

What natural Medication are you taking? I know your post is 3 years old but you didnn't mention what you are taking.



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