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Lightning Bug - September 22

Newly diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.. Dr prescribed Cymbalta but I am concerned about adverse reactions. Any ideas?


BobbyNva - October 9

I've been taking Cymbalta for a month now. I noticed after a week that generally I am no longer awakened by pain at night. I also take Lunesta to help me sleep through the night. So far, it's just dizziness that I feel as a side effect. It does take me a couple of hours to be fully awake and aware in the mornings. It also helps with the depression.


monkey1964 - October 11

I'm new to Cymbalta for Fibromyalgia (only 4 days now). I'm having side effects--nausea, lethargic, feeling "strange", loss of appetite. I never had these with other anti-deps I've taken which are Zoloft & Effexor. I have not noticed any help with the pain yet and not sure how my depression is because I feel so strange. I hear it's too early to know if it will help the pain though. How are you doing on the Cymbalta?


VictoriaB - October 21

Hi, I have been taking cymbalta for about 3 mos. and I have to say with a dose of 30 mg. it has really helped me, I quit taking it once and couldn't get out of the bed hardly! It takes a while to really be effective! Good Luck! Oh yeah the worst side effect that I have is the cold sweats!


silky - October 24

I took Cymbalta for a few days. It definitely helped with the pain but I was too disconnected to function. I couldn't trust myself to even drive to work. I stopped taking it but I think it's worth a try. Take care.


dsterne - November 5

I have been taking it for a month and it really has helped with the pain however at first i had the same severe "nausea, lethargic, feeling "strange", loss of appetite." but it's getting a lot better.


reychel - December 3

Hi, I've being taking Cymbalta for 6 months now and must tell you that at first works wonders but after sometime it seems that stoped working!
Do exercice, for real, it's the best medicine.


Taleese - December 17

I took cymbalta and it made me so disconnected and like I was knocking on the door to the dark side super fast, after two days I couldn't stand how it made me feel. Dark and like I couldn't talk and everyone was looking at me and so on. I have since been on Zoloft and have had no problems.
Good luck to you


axxie - January 13

On Cymbalta, let's see at first you feel dizzi, loss of appetite and nausea, I started the first day one pill, skip one day do this for a better part of one week, then take it everyday, if it does the same keep going at it, I would suggest you take it in the evening. After 10 days or so I was on 60mg, and yes I still get nausea but only occasion. You will loose some weight, not much, until you feel good. I have been on it for a little over 3 months. The pain does seem to be on another level. I also tried, soloft and effexor and none helped me. I like cymbalta better it has taken care of my moods, now if I can just go to sleep and stay asleep I'll be happy. I do take a sleeping pill, more of another depressant but at least I can take just half a pill and I sleep. I still get up and still have problems with the get up and go. Just keep doing it. Try taking a multivitamin to help you out, I recommend Materna, only because it doesn't have any dies nor any fillers. Take that in the morning, and don't forget to take Vit B6 combination and vit B12. Everyday. Everyday is still a struggle but at least I'm able to function more normal then just sleeping and being in fibrofog. Good luck to you


Fantod - January 13

I've been on 30mg of Cymbalata for about a year. It works well for me and I have not experienced any problems. I noticed a difference in my pain level in about a week and it imporved from there.
I did feel sleepy and a bit disconnected for about a week but that was about it.

I'd rather take Cymbalta than Lyrica. The latter usually causes weight gain and swelling of hands and feet. Pick your poison - Cymbalta is mine.
Take care.


APT - January 15

I had a rough start with Cymbalta, but it worked well for me for a year. It didn't touch the pain, but helped with the depression. Unfortunately, like reychel says, it seems to have stopped working. Not sure why that is...


axxie - January 23

For all of you who say it does not work, go back to your doctor you are on the wrong dose, at least that is what my neuro and my gp tell me. I'm on 60mg, I take it in the evening and then take trazodone for sleep at night. If you really want to know how you are really feeling, skip a day of not taking it. I did and felt I was thinking clearer and my mind was sharper. Did not last, the very next day was back on it. Yes I do get some pain and some burning but not as much as I had when I was not on it. I guess diet and supplement do work.


Anne Hillebrand - January 25

If we have depression, anxiety / panic, obsessive / compulsive and procrastination, an SSRI med can keep signals moving correctly and relieve these symptoms. That does help with some of the pain, but the main benefit is for those symptoms.

Some people use SamE or 5-htp for this.

I don't know why Fibros would take the other part of this med, the SSNRI. Do you?


tnichel - January 29

I can't say enough good things about Cymbalta. I started with Lyrica which I liked but it started to become less effective after 6 months. My doc switched me to 60mlg of Cymbalta. He said many like it b/c you take just one dose. With Lyrica you have to play around with the dosage to get it right. I immediately notice a difference with the Cymbalta. My mind is a lot clearer...the fibro fog is almost null except for on really bad days. The pain is not as intense either. I don't have much of an appetite but that's ok. I'm back to sleeping longer on the Cymbalta but that's just a minor adjustment I'm sure my doctor and I will work out. I was scared of the side effects at first too...but it has proven to be a miracle drug for me. Good Luck!


dc8057 - March 12

I'm currently taking 60 mg of Cymbalta along with several other Fibro medications. At first Cymbalta made me have nausea and a loss of appetite but that quickly went away after a few weeks. It does not help me with sleep what so ever or pain. It's great for a nice even mood - especially even when you are in alot of pain. But other than that is not doing much for me.


[email protected] - March 12

I took it a few years back when they took Paxil CR of the market for a few months. It's was one of the most horrible memories I've can recall with Fibro pain. I was it so much pain I couldn't get out of bed, I felt VERY out of it. Horrible anxiety problems and horrible sleep problems. It intensified my pain so much. I tried regular Paxil with similar results. Needless to say I went back to Paxil CR as soon as it was back on the market. I have to adjust the dose every few years, so far it has been the best meds I've taken for FM.


jerrybaby - June 4

I have been taking Cymbalta for at least a year. Any side effects you feel at the beginning, will most likely subside. I would suggest to stick it out. It has helped me so much with pain, it is unbelievable. I prefer it to Lyrica, which I have not tried, but have heard there could be sever weight gain. I myself am not willing to take that risk. I will stick to Cymbalta until for some reason it stops working. Hopefully it doesn't!! I would suggest that anyone taking it tries there hardest not to miss a dose. I get dizzy and get a weird "brain zap" feeling if I do. Especially if I completely forget and have missed it for at least 6 hours.



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