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cymbalta questions
5 Replies
LissB - February 9

my doctor today prescribed Cymbalta for me to try. i'm not taking anything else, but i had some questions that i forgot to ask...
does anyone know if this drug has any risk of dependency?
how high are the risks of suicidal thoughts?
has anyone experienced weight gain?


Fantod - February 9

LissB - I have been taking Cymabalta for almost 4 years. I am not dependent but on the 60 mg dose, you do have to be weaned off of it gradually. There are many types of drugs these days that require a gradual step down. I've had no suidical thougths and no weight gain. If you want to double check my comments, use Google. All you have to do is type in "Cymbalta." You'll pull up plenty of pages that have information on this drug and any possible side effects. Remember that drug companies must list any side effect no matter how miniscule. We have our lititgious society to thank for that.

There are only certain classes of prescribed medications that work for the type of pain caused by Fibromyalgia (FMS). They are: Cymbalta, Savella and Lyrica. OTC remedies like Tylenol do not work. And, the longer a chronic pain cycle continues, the harder it becomes to manage or stop. Get started on your medication and allow some time for it to owrk. It could take 2 weeks or even up to month before you notice a difference. Personally, I'd rather be reliant on some medication and have a better quality of life than none at all. Take care.


Noca - February 9

I've tried 60mg of Cymbalta for 3.5 months and it didn't do anything positive nor negative for me. The side effects you read about are all POSSIBLE side effects, doesn't mean you will get them, if any at all.


January - February 10

Hi LissB. My 2 cents. Cymbalta made me feel like I was living in a cartoon - lots of nice colors at first! But I was literally plastered to my bed, no energy, no motivation, couldn't think straight, acted spacey. I didn't sleep well. I gained a ton of weight and got elevated blood sugar. I was still in pain and still depressed, but I didn't care anymore.

Unfortunately, I did not have someone to check on me every day to notice my difficulties, and the prescribing doctor did not adequately follow me. It was a bad experience.

Fantod, while I agree with most of what you write, our litigious society is what keeps unethical, very powerful entities in check, and just barely, because they have the big money to fight most lawsuits. It's a sad story.

all the best.


LissB - February 11

Thanks guys....I know I should probably take it, but I feel like I'm only 24 and to be stuck on a pill for the rest of my life...well, it's kind of hard for me to come to terms with, especially since I NEVER take medicine unless I'm like deathly sick lol. I have heard alot of good things from people about Cymbalta, and only a few had some issues...I'm just concerned that I'll trade one problem for another, which is a chance I'll just have to take. I just have to learn to accept that FM can either control my life, or I can try to take a medicine and hope for the best. I was diagnosed in November 2010, and I'm having a really hard time just accepting the diagnosis... I tried to manage it on my own with little luck (the snow didn't help), so I saw the doctor earlier this week and literally bawled my eyes out when he suggested I take medicine lol. I'm supposed to be young and invinceable :-p


January - February 11

If you're having trouble accepting the diagnosis of fibro, maybe you could get a second opinion? Or a few sessions with a counselor who works with chronic illness?

Don't know what you did to manage on your own, but if you can't find relief, try the drug! There is NO SHAME in that! If you feel miserable, treat the issue. Most of us need some kind of meds to sleep and get through the days. The tricky part is finding what works best FOR YOU.

I've posted about the newer drugs because I had a horrible time on them, and wasn't followed adequately. My many doctors didn't communicate, didn't notice side effects and interactions, didn't test my blood, didn't educate me, and dismissed my complaints as "anxiety." The anxiety was caused by the drugs. My postings are meant to help those who are like I was - feeling horrible and not knowing that the drug is aggravating the problem. If you are going to try Cymbalta, make sure you get monitored for any possible bad side effects. (I don't think diabetes is an acceptable side effect - so check your glucose! You may be fine; I wasn't, but returned to normal when I quit Cymbalta.)

The most important thing is that we're all individuals, and you have to figure out your own best treatment plan. Listen to your own body carefully and communicate with your doctor. And feel better soon!



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