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Depression cannot get anything that helps.
7 Replies
canadacalling - January 2

I guess I have tried them all and maybe I am expecting total relief from depresion during the day. I had been on effexor XR for years, came off that and tried celexa hardly touched any of symptoms. Now, I only take something for sleep but during the day, I am very depressed. How am I going to approach this with this new Doctor who I see on Tuesday for a FULL physical. I have not had one of those for years. Internally anyway. I am 70 years and have had a hysterectomy and bladder lift 7 years ago. What a waste of time for bladder discomfort. I need something for the depression now. I am hoping this new Dr. will do some suggesting. Things are that I often know more than they do about medications. Saucy aren't it.

Bye for now


Noca - January 2

Have you tried MAOI's like Parnate or Nardil? or prescription stimulants like Ritalin or Adderall? or ECT? Vagnus nerve stimulation? Light therapy? I have yet to meet a single person suffering from depression that has tried "everything" and I've been reading mental health and medical forums for over 6 years now as well as meeting many sufferers in person.


Fantod - January 3

Susan - By all means talk to your new doctor about your depression issues. Withholding important information like that is not going to get you anywhere. There are plenty of options available. Light therapy is something that you can do at home. I use it myself and so does Noca. Amazingly simple and extremely helpful. Be open the the possibilities. Take care.


Peterbolen - January 5

I am trying TRIPLE OMEGA 3-6-9 1200MG
And girls I think I have found something that helps Fibromyalgia, we have had a very bad winter here, usually that means I get Fibromyalgia very bad and can not function at all, but since I have been taking Omega 3 6 9 I only get pain occasionaly and the fatique so far I havent had at all, for me it was like a miricle vitamin, I just hope it keeps up.


January - January 7

Hi. I can relate. I had depression from childhood, and around 40 started the merry-go-round of anti-depressant drugs. Very bad stuff. Some of them deplete electrolytes and doctors don't even know that. I had a light box that helped a tiny bit. I decided to try a strict (and I mean strict) gluten free diet for fibro pain. Then, unrelated, I quit the anti-depressants because of side effects. It took over a year to adjust.

The good news: I have been depression-free for several years now! I know if I get a pinch of gluten by accident because I feel sort of down for a day or two. Nothing like before. Even winter doesn't bother me. Your depression could be a food allergy! (Years ago, I knew a doctor who very successfully treated alcoholism and a variety of stubborn emotional problems with allergy-elimination diets and mega doses of B vitamins.)

You sound smart enough to research for yourself. The Vitamin Shoppe has a good research site. Also Life Extension is excellent.

I take SAM-e, 400 mg twice a day; selenium; extra Vit. D-3; extra B vitamins, including about 30 mg of the flushing type of niacin - with food and milk; acetyl L-carnitine; alpha-lipoic acid; fish oil; DHEA; huperzine and other things along with a good vitamin/mineral. As you know, it's important not to take too much of these things, check with your doctor, monitor carefully, and get blood tests as appropriate.

Good luck to you! I cannot believe how much better I am with the gluten-free diet and the supplements. I wish I'd started it when I was a child!


kvc33 - January 22

Seniors are often deficient in vitamin B-12 and that can cause depression. Are you lonely or unhappy with your life in general or do you feel that you depression is bio-chemical? A supplement called 5-HTP raises serotonin levels naturally without side effects. You might find it at your local health food store. It can NOT be taken with anti-depressant medications.


biggbrowneyes - February 8

HI. I agree with January ,Peterbolen and KVC. 5HTP (serotonin) has really made a difference with me! I now take 200mg everynight at bedtime. Take it with (apple) juice, I also take FishOIl with 3,6,& 9. Really helps with inflamation. Calcium with magnesium, vit c, VitD3 because I seriously have SAD in the winter. I really need to move to Hawaii!! I try to go outside if the suns shining . walking really helps, swimming is even better if I can get my butt to do it. I know it helps but its just the point of getting myself out the door to do it! They just opened a aquatic center that has a therapy pool thats heated. wow what a difference when I go! stinks because its 30 minutes away though and 6 bucks every visit. I also take a multivitamin. I need to try SAM e . Its just breaking me paying for all these every month. Dr Murphree has FMS suplement packs that has everything in it. its expensive but if I added up how much I spend now on everything, it probably is the same! I try to get all my vitamins from cvs or wherever when they have then buy 1 get one free, and then hope I have coupons too!
what all did you have to cut out that has Gluten in it? I need to look into that. I know one thing that i KNOW effects me,, twice in the last month, I made chocolate chip cookies w/peanut butter chips from scratch.(I use crsico oil instead of butter,eggs, brown & white sugar, vanilla, baking soda, flour & salt. All basic ingredients, BUT By the 2nd day after making them, because of course I couldn't stop eating them, my cystitis (bladder) started hurting so bad I couldn't hardly move. I don't know if its the chocolate, or possible the crisco, but its not doubt it was the cookies. What I eat effects me different everyday! and I can't break myself from junk! I crave carbs, sugar! its aweful and I know how terrible it is for me. I wish I had the strength to change it.!!


January - February 8

Hi BBB. It's the flour!! To go gluten free, I cut out ALL cereal grains and their products with the exception of rice. (Oddly, I was VERY allergic to grasses as a kid.) I went on a strict celiac diet which you can research. It took about a year to kick in, and it really helped me. Most amazing thing, no more depression!

I have a very limited diet and am still experimenting, but I KNOW gluten is a problem for me. Quit eating baked or processed goods. It's in most things that are processed, like brand name soups, ice cream, soy sauce made from wheat, etc. It's used as filler in prescriptions, so you have to
make sure your vitamins and all pills are gluten free. It's tricky, you have to educate yourself. If it says "starch" it's probably gluten, which is found in wheat, barley, oats, rye, etc. See the other posts on here for info.

Another thing is if you want the gluten free diet to work, you can't cheat. If you have ONE piece of bread, you will take your body back to square one, and it will take months for your small intestine to heal again. Google celiac disease and gluten intolerance.

I have noticed that when I get a food that is bad for me, I crave it. When my body is running smoothly, I have no cravings at all.

Sorry I don't have more time today. Later! Keep working on it!



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