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Diapezam? Is it ok for Fibromyalgia?
4 Replies
HairyGringo - October 31

Mygirlfriend has just been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia, which is quite a relief because hse had been getting so tired and worried she wouldn't get out of bed!

The doctor here has given her Diapezam for it - isn't this some sort of valium? It sounds a bit drastic, abyone have any thoughts?

Thanks! Adam


rocky67 - September 9

benzodiazepines such as valium...xanax.....klonopin... are horrible for Fibromyalgia.They prevent deep sleep.I was on Xanax 1mg at bedtime for 2 symptoms were so damn bad when I was on Xanax. take flexeril 10mg at bedtime.It gives quality of sleep. say No to benzos.


Shirl_M - January 5

everyone is different, I agree that xanax is a horrible drug, I was on a large dose for over 11 years, when I was referred to a different dr. He took me off the xanax, because it is absorbed by the body fat and diazepam is not, the difference is, that xanax is like being on a see-saw up and down, and the "valium" is a steady line type of drug, also an older and more tried and true, when xanax was first put on the market it was believed to be a non-addictive type of this drug, however it has proven to be more addictive, so if it is helping your girlfriend how can it hurt, anything that works that is prescribed is probably something that she is going to have to use unless/until there is a cure anyway, I have been put on all kinds of anti-depressants, they do not work for me, I was put on neurontin, it made me have small seizure like episodes. I take pain medication, as well as medication for my stomach, I have stopped most of the heavy stuff, like morphine-the fentnyl patch, and many other things, as I have had fibro for so long, sleeplessness is bad for most either way since there are so many medications that fibromyalgia does not respond to, or makes it worse, often when people don't understand, they can make people feel worse for using medications (and after all, they are made for a reason, just as I am happy for those who can take the meds I cannot) there is already a fair amount of guilt most feel for their lives changing so dramatically with this illness, so if something helps, just do not try to out guess the doctor, he went to medical school, and while I feel that the diazepam is fine if it works, I have never met anyone that xanax works well for, for an extended period.


Fantod - January 5

Go to the National Fibromyalgia Association website and ask them for a referral to a fibro-friendly rheumotologist in your area. There are many doctors out there that either do not believe in fibromyalgia (FMS) and/or do not use a proper drug protocol to treat it. They are, afterall, gods and know everything.

FMS is generally treated with low doses of an antidepressant like Cymbalta. Lyrica is another popular choice. Sleep issues are usually addressed with Amitriptyline as FMS disrupts the deep sleep cycle. It takes time to find the right drugs and combination but throwing something like Diapezam at her is not the answer. I'd get another opinion and soon.

Bless your heart for being concerned and asking. Take care.


axxie - February 13

Diapezam is an old type of valium, it's an old antidepressant is sometimes used in FMS, but there are better drugs out there. Being tired, yes, it would make you very sleepy and not well rested. They put me on this and I was not myself, went back to the doctor and told her I was not taking them. She put me on Celexa, it gave me great releif from pain but wore off a few months after, then they tried, effexor, another antidepressant and a serotonin and norepinephrine inhibitor, it tapered off slowly. Was then put on Cymbalta which I am on now, made me sick to my stomach the first two weeks and slept alot, then that wore off and now I'm happy to say the Cymbalta is working taking away the pain, and have been put on Trazodone or desyrel another antidepressant that help with my sleep problems.
The pain is tolerable, I'm still tired but have good days and trying to cope with the fact I to have memory problems, little stickies do help.



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