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ptalana - March 5

Good morning all. Two weeks ago my pcp starting me on Dilaudid for my breakthrough pain, hoping also to be able to lessen my percocet intake as they are destroying my tummy. Well I'm happy to say after fiddling with dosage I'm finally seeing some results! Instead of having to take 8 percs a day I've been able to get by with using only 6 daily. I'm also not having to take extra percs in order to do my pilates. They've also helped me with my sleep, I'm now getting almost 6hrs a night as opposed to the usual 3hrs.
I realize that meds effect us all differently, I just had to let you know how I've been helped with the Dilaudid.
Hoping that this may be of some help to you.
Wishing you all well and sending gentle hugs to everyone, Patty:)


Canada17 - March 5

I am so happy you have found something that is safe AND effective for you!


Noca - March 5

I use 4mg pills of Dilaudid with a dose up to 16mg at once or per day for breakthru pain. My Fentanyl 25mcg/h patch is my long acting pain killer.

Glad you found some relief.



I haven't used Dilaudid. I have had the vicodin and I used to be on the Fentanyl pain patch. But my doctor took me off of them. And now she is trying to cut my vicodins to only 3 a day. It is hard enough to get by with 4 a day. I think I will have to find another doctor. I am a single mother that works and manages a SOMEWHAT normal lifestyle. If they take my pain meds, I will no longer be able to work or function. I don't know what to do! I don't want my doctor to think I am pill head, but I am tired of being in pain. Any advice?

ptalana -glad to hear you found something to help you out. It is so hard to do! Take care!



Noca - May 11

man Dilaudid is the ONLY thing giving me any pain relief. I got 4 x 4mg to divvy up throughout the day =/ wish I had more



I have an appointment on the 24th of this month and I will be asking my doctor what else she can do. I know the vicodins aren't working very well. Esp at only 3 a day! I barely made it on 4 a day! My doctor wants me to go back to Physical Therapy. I did and the therapist pretty much told me that the pain is something I will have to deal with. I couldn't believe it! I know I have to deal with the pain, but you aren't the one that is dealing with it! Can't I just be comfortable??! So frustrated!



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