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Fibro & double vision, anyone?
8 Replies
joy63 - July 22

I've had fibro symptoms for about 2 yrs and got diagnosed 2 months ago. I've also had interstitial cystitis, migraine, cluster h/a for 23 years, ( I'm 49 ). I have not had my eyes checked in about 4 years. I am this Tue. Anyway, I've. Had blurred and double vision since the fibro symptoms started. Has anyone else had this,. .. Kinda worked. Joy 63


January - July 23

Hi joy - are you taking any prescription meds for the fibro? Some meds can cause blurry vision - and I know there are other posts here on this website about blurry vision. Go to the right upper corner to the blue Search box and plug in "blurry vision." That will bring up all the old discussions. Let us know what you find out at your vision check. Hope you are OK.

The SNRI drugs can aggravate migraines and cystitis, and I think a variety of drugs can caused blurry vision. Sometimes these conditions (especially the migraines) are caused by food allergies. A lot of us have improved greatly by changing our diets and taking supplements. We've been talking a lot about food allergies on the General Discussion forum. Just click on that in the yellow section at the right to get to that forum.


CatwomanAlex - August 1

I've been experiencing the same with my vision since my symptoms started too (a year and a half ago) and recently got my sight tested. They said (to my surprise!) that there wasn't anything wrong with my vision, as such but where the Fibromyalgia was making me so tired, it was affecting my eyes by making me squint a lot. Glasses with prism lenses in work brilliantly to help alleviate the vision disruption by converging my eyesight properly (ie my eyes work together better!). Hope this helps.


Jocelyn - August 2

Thank you for your post. I have Fibro, along with, Sjogren's which causes excessive dry eyes. I am going to ask my eye doctor about the type of glasses you have. He told me last time, until I get the dry eye under control, he cannot fit me for glasses because my eyes change every day. Dry eys, cause blurriness and, almost, like a double vision effect at times. It is a difficult situation when working.


CatwomanAlex - August 3

It does get very frustrating. It's the double/blurry vision that's corrected by the prism lenses - officially, my eyes are fine but need help when tiredness messes with them. I hope they might work out for you too Jocelyn.


Jocelyn - August 7

Thank you for sharing. I am seeing my eye doctor in October and I am going to bring this up. I am trying to do a counted cross stitch as a surprise for my daughter. I've done one years ago, with NO glasses. However, this time I was smart I have glasses that magnify etc, but, I am having a problem distiguishing colors. The white on the pale blue background just seems to meld together. I am having difficulty seeing the "x's" after a while. They seem to blend together too. Gesh..I'm glad I never told her because I probably won't ever finish it. She will inherit the one I did years ago. :) Oh well...


CatwomanAlex - August 8

I hope the information helps. A prism lens sounds like it could really help your focus and they have magnification in them too. Hope the cross stitch is a success :)


Jocelyn - August 31

cross stitch is going very slowly...but at least it is something I am accomplishing for a change. Makes one feel better :)


CatwomanAlex - September 1

Glad to hear it makes you feel better and that you're persevering with it :) Always good to have a challenge :)



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