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Has anyone tried cannabis for the pain
34 Replies
axxie - March 8

Oh the pills forms and the green stuff, I was prescribed the pills when I was going through chimo, to help with the nausea. The pill never worked right on me, I seep to not be able to tolerate it and I'm sick as a dog and even had an episode of I think I'm falling off my gurney in the middle of the night, the nurse called in the pharmacist on call and they had to give me something to counter effect those damn pills. I eat the green stuff in muffins and only eat small portions throughout the day, I don't feel stoned, and I can drive my car and I'm usually in a better mood and the pain seems to be not quite intense. I've been doing the muffin or chocolate instead of smoking it, that way I can do something useful in my day and not veg in front of the tv eating, beside my husband is against all drugs no matter what. I still eat it and can appear normal and don't seem to forget so much and I don't look stoned. Beside I've never smoke and I would be so sick if I tried smoking it. My sis gets it for her arthritis and I get the stuff for my MS. My doctor doesn't believe in giving me any pain management, except cymbalta and trazadone. So I'm left with my own device if I need more relief, the pills you can forget about those, try eating a bit of the muffin throughout the day, it will take a few days for you to feel the difference and then you will see some days seem to be easier then others. Good luck to you


belle1329 - March 10

Hi Micmren
Back in my younger days as in late teens, everyone was smoking the stuff and also trying THC. I did and there was quite a difference in smoking and taking the drug. I remember barely functioning on THC. But smoking pot never bothered me. and now a days, Most pain meds effect me like the T Im very sensitive, so I dont like taking them,I have perscription lyrica and tried Cymbolta, ( I think that is what it was called, but hated it and a muscle relaxer) Ive only been using Tylenol /Advil and went off my sleeping pill 3 weeks ago.
I am now over the hill and am going to try smoking,(just before bed to help sleep, I hope it works) even though its not legal I do know a few of my friends that still enjoy it on occasion, hopefully they can help me out. But do wish I could be perscribed it since I dont want to break any laws, but do want to get relief!
I dont like the part that my appetite will increase, suprisingly I have gained weight and always seem hungry even when in some pain. Anyone else out there have this problem. I think its stress eating and comfort food, and I dont feel like exercising like I used to. I joined a gym but barely get there 1 time a week, Im trying :-(.......... sorry about my spelling, I seem to be forgetting alot of words ( I was a good speller at one time) and also my typing is not like it used to, I think my brain is going before my fingers and visa versa..


KKRenee - March 10

Hi Belle1329,
I can completely relate to forgetting a lot of things, it can be extremely frustrating at times.
I smoke at night about 15mins before bed and it REALLY helps, I havn't been able to find anything that helps in the same way, plus I dont wake up all foggy in the morning like I used to with sleeping pills.
Weight gain is something I struggle with too, it's completely comfort eating. I do Pilates a few times a week though and that has helped a lot with regulating my weight, it's a lot of stretching and simple movements so its not real strenuos but it does the trick! Good luck! I hope you find something that works for you.


belle1329 - March 11

Thanks for your response KKRenee, at least I know Im not growing large alone, :-)as everyone elses seems to have a problem with eating. I also feel its the muscles, when they are hard, I feel like Im on steroids,(large and swollen) if that is what steroids make you feel like, never been on them, lol. Maybe Ill try the pilates, Ive tried yoga at home (DVD) but I think I over streached , or it was just a flare up from fibro, neck and arm hurt that evening!
Thanks again..


TRACIEDC74 - March 13



DianaTF - June 28

Grow your own. Dry it out. Put buds in tea diffuser and steep for about an hour...add whole milk to your cup of tea. This will make you feel, "Not so stoned;" I drink cannabis tea every day. It's considered a misdemeaner in many states if you have under 1 ounce. My hubby is an attorney, so I take his advice and keep it minimal in the house :) Happy Tea Drinking!


MsEllo - July 3

I do us it for pain and it works better than all the pain killers the doctor prescribes. Some how we need to get this legalized


osceolaoz - January 27

Hi everyone, thanks for being here. I was diagnosed with fm a good 10+ years ago by, of all things, an ENT surgeon whose wife had it. Unfortunately, many of the doctors around here don't believe this is a real disease and don't do anything to try to understand it or treat it. I live in verrrrrrrrry conservative Ohio. I have been given the kiss off by several doctors who claim they can't help me anymore and won't give me anything for the pain. I am 55, in the last 5 years I have gotten worse and worse. IBS, depression, medicine sensitivity, migraines, severe body pain which moves around and changes, several other symptoms including the increased sweating with very little movement (which is what led me to this website).

I worked for my employer for 8 years, but the last year I was missing alot of work and got tossed onto full time FMLA, then Company medical leave, was approved immediately for social security without any denials. Then I got fired from my job when they realized I wasn't going to get better. I cannot afford the Cobra insurance payments on the social security income. Now, I have no insurance to pay doctors and buy medicine. I have backed off most of the meds I had because I cannot afford them anymore. I try to substitute by suggesting to my docs to prescribe something that is on the $4.00 to $10.00 generics our pharmacy has. I am getting worse, I cannot get moving, when I do move around I get weak enough to faint, break out in sweats, turn red, get migraines and leg, back, neck and head pain then have to spend several days laying around in order to decompress from the "getting out" experience. This really bothers me as I love thrift shopping, yard sales and my paranormal investigating. I don't want to be stuck in the house in pain and exhausted all the time!

I am a recovering alcoholic of 26 years. I have obviously been sober long enough to know the risks involved with certain meds. But, I am now experiencing pain, nausea, insomnia, wild episodes of IBS and Migraines; and I cannot go to my doctor when I should and can barely afford any medicine. My PCP has been kind enough to work out payments for a few visits so I can continue to get vicodin, prozac and librax from him. But, I have developed a tolerance and taking too much of the tylenol in the vicodin which could be deadly so I worry about taking it. And he only gives me 90 to last 30 days anyway, which sometimes is just not gonna cut it. I have tried Neurontin (side effects were worse than the benefits so I slowly (very slowly) withdrew myself from it (and it is expensive even in its generic form). I tried Lyrica which knocked me out and I slept around the clock, so that's not an option. I have elavil which was given to me for tension headaches, prozac for the depression that I've had my whole life but got worse after I had my son at 35 (possible light case of Bipolar my psychiatrist said), librax for the childbirth-strength kind of abdominal cramping with the ibs, which I cannot afford either so I take it only when the pain happens instead of the twice daily it was prescribed, levothyroxine as the thyroid dipped as I got older, and imitrex for the migraines. I went through early menopause between ages of 27-40, but the estrogen gave me an abdominal blood clot and I was hospitalized for 5 days on iv's for Ischemic Colitis in 1999. I have resorted in getting some meds from other countries (except the vicodin and librax which they won't sell because they are narcotics).

I am miserable, can't sleep more than a few hours, hurt all the time, can't stay away from my buddy the toilet so I don't go out, constant migraines, restless leg syndrome which begins earlier in the evening and afternoon by the day.

I got desperate enough to ask a friend to obtain some marijuana for me. I know I have to be careful as Ohio isn't a medical marijuana state. I also don't know anyone who deals since I've been out of the loop for 26 years! I got a little bit, and low and behold, it helped so much with the nausea that comes with the IBS and the migraines, settles down the impending doom anxiety unbelievably that I suffer from daily, allows me to relax and get a couple of hours of rest or sleep. I try to keep it to 2-3 hits once a day or every other day because I am so afraid I will not be able to get any when it's gone. But it helps so damn much. I don't know what to do but continue to seek it out on the black market since we cannot get it legally in Ohio (the backwards state!).

I cannot get medicare until I've been on social security for two years, and I've only been approved for it for one year. So, I'm looking at another year with no doctors, meds I cannot afford, pain, depression, weakness as I'm afraid to eat and bring on the intestinal pain again. I have lost weight, and wouldn't be surprised if I were malnourished or anemic. I am super sensitive to meds and that has limited what I can take, i.e. I get really strong, bad reactions quickly after taking a normal or below normal dose.

I am in my 50's and I have never been suicidal. There has always been a teeny spark of hope, which is probably what allowed me to accept help getting sober. But now I am more depressed than ever, weak, and in pain every day. Now I have the added anxiety that one of the few things that helps, I won't be able to get as I don't know anyone who sells anymore, I don't want to get arrested, and I have to literally hide my use from my also sober husband (who would immediately believe and fear it would cause a relapse of the drinking) and my drug/alcohol free 20 y/o son.

I don't know if there's a group in Ohio trying to get medical use approved, but I'd like to find one. Until then, I have to try to find what I need, through dry spells, through being broke (although it ends up being cheaper in the long run than prescriptions), and with fear of arrest and punishment for using because I have an illness.

I found this site, read until late in the night (early morn, depending on how you look at it) and cried. I cried because I was shocked that almost everything everyone wrote and asked about, I also have experienced. I felt validated, but pissed because I can't get any help. We have a "fibro pain specialist" in town, but they want the payment for the visits up front, insurance or not, and I don't even have the insurance. I began looking into homeopathy in the late 80's, but it is really difficult to diagnose myself and pick the right remedy. When I do find the right one, it's amazing how well it works but as the pain changes and moves around, it requires different remedies. Now I'm not even motivated enough to even look for the right ones. I am finding that I am more depressed than I was even 1-2 years ago and it's getting worse, as I become more destitute, exhausted and pained.

Then I took a psychiatric test and it asked if I was suicidal...I answered no; then it asked if I were to walk out and be mowed down by a truck today, would I be ok with it...and I initially answered "YES". Then I thought of my son, and quickly changed it to no. I realized at that point that I was in worse shape than even I was aware..and it scared me badly.

I am sorry this is so long but I am so desperate, scared, lonely and hopeful that some contacts with this website will help me find some answers to this seemingly lose-lose situation I am in.

LL in Ohio


Fantod - January 28

LL - Welcome to the board! You are in a really tough situation. I am getting tired so I am probably not going to be as long winded as I might be otherwise...

First of all, have you used Google to see if there are any free clinics in your metro area? Have you called your local hospital physician referral service to see if the hospital has a free clinic or a rheumotologist who does pro bono work?

With regards to prescription drugs there is help available. All of the drug manufacturers offer consumer assistance in the form of free drugs and/or vouchers to help you pay for them. Just go to their individual websites to see what is available or use Google to find vouchers. Do you ask the doctor for samples?

Try using Google and the term "medical marijuana ohio" to see who is working on getting it legalized. Even the states that have it maintain very active groups to ensure that it stays that way. Many of these groups have their own websites.

With regards to homeopathic remedies, I use several. I am also very sensitive to medication.
Curamin is excellent for pain. This is a spice that comes in a highly purified form in a capsule. Calms Forte or Melatonin are both good for sleep issues. I also use a new product called Mid-Nite which can be found in a lot of drug stores and the Vitamin Shoppe. Malic Acid comes in capsules and is great for muscle twitching and cramps. You can read about any of these remedies online or find out more about them at any decent healthfood store.

I'd like to gently suggest that try and find a clinic that offers free counseling. You sound pretty overhwhelmed. Catholic Social Services ( you don't have to be Catholic) and/or the local United Way may be able to help you in this regard.
Many of us see someone for extra support.

I understand the soberity issue having had some exposure through a close friend to the AA thinking that all drugs whether they are prescribed or not are bad. As chronic pain patient, who has been down the slippery slope of addiction this has to be a pretty scary time in your life. I wish that I had the right answer for you. Can you go to some closed meetings to air this issue and get some feedback from other folks walking the walk?

Thats about all I've got right now. I hope something was helpful. You are not alone. Keep in touch and take care.


osceolaoz - January 28

Fantod, thank you for your ideas. I also have used melatonin and mid-nite form, as well as Calms Forte. My pharmacy put me on a discount program, but I am looking into PPA to see if I can get help. After all, I switched my newer, expensive rx's to older generics knowing I would be tight on money on social security.

No matter what I try, the cannabis helps better, is cheaper than the pain meds in the long run. I will Google Ohio and see, I'm sure there must be someone out there in this very conservative state who has the guts to work on this issue. I could grow one of my own, except I haven't told my family that I use it. My husband would instantly go into a freakout for fear of sliding back into drinking and my son would probably be pissed off after all the bad stuff I told him about today's pot compared to 30 years ago. I am stressed to the max, you're right. I am in the stage of depression where I just don't care what the house looks like, and when I do try to move around and do some chores, I shake, break out in a sweat, get all red-faced and nauseated, and my knees shake. I end up sitting down with a fan blowing on me and it's freaking cold here now!

Thanks, again,


Fantod - January 30

osceolaoz - I've been noodling your symptoms a bit more. Have you been evaluated for hypoglycemia? This is another "perk" of FMS and may account to some degree for your headaches, trembling and excessive sweating. A glucose test will determine whether you have it.

I assume that due to depression that you are not watching your diet. If you use anything with an artifical sweetner including Splenda - get rid of it. Use something made with the nontoxic Stevia plant like Truvia or SunCrystals. They can be found in the baking aisle right next to the other sweetners. Deep fried foods, and lunchmeat (nitrates) can also make your pain levels worse.

You can read about hypoglycemia under "Associated Conditions" on this website. I hope that you are having a peaceful weekend. Keep in touch and take care.


pixelmation - February 1

What area are you in? Does your state have medical laws? Not like it should matter when you are in pain and it is a natural herb. Anyways, I have my lifetime card and it helps me but I still have 3-4 meds I take also. I mostly smoke at night to help with sleep and if I'm real bad then also during the least it ain't killing off my liver!!


osceolaoz - February 15

I want first to thank you for all of your suggestions. I have tried many of the same herbals, homeopathic remedies, supplements mentioned. I AM overwhelmed. My psychiatrist who was monitoring the antidepressants said I needed a little break to be able to work on me. But my life hasn't ever provided a few minutes of time to work on me. There's always some crisis that no one else will deal with but me. If God never gives you more than you can handle; I don't want to be strong cos I'm so tired of being tested now.

I haven't posted for a while because my husband was back in the hospital, this time pneumonia. I am watching the checking account but am late and now run risk of bouncing his insurance payment. If I have to deal with the hospital bills I may have to go bankrupt again. The blood sugar could be one thing, if I can find a clinic to go to or go to Univ Hosp and let the county pick up the bill. I did print off clinics in our area, not in really good parts of town and that's risky here. I have to check a rheumatologist but I haven't found anyone who will see me without insurance. I broke half my tooth off, can't see a dentist. I now have two payday loans outstanding, my son's car croaked and he's driving mine. My house is a mess and my husband pressures me to do something with all my stuff, but I am exhausted and just don't give a shit about it. But for my son's sake I worked on it. I am not in a legal state, I have pulled some strings and got a little bit of pot, and it helps. I wait till dark and do a couple of hits outside, still hiding it from my family, as with 26 years of sobriety, they would not understand and would be afraid this would set me back. The truth is the pain itself will be what sets me back, not the pot. I try to do what I have to do, but then I stress all out and I go mentally numb and I freeze and can't do anything. That's the depression speaking. Right now, I am watching my bank and hoping my husbands insurance premium goes through this time or he will be dropped. I paid my son's premium thankfully as his front tooth temporary repair broke off again, and the dentist did us a favor of one no charge. I am not eating well at all as we have no food. There really isn't enough money after paying some of the bills. The electric bill is almost 700 and that takes from the food money and medicine money. Yes, I have asked for samples, but my meds are so old and generic, they don't bring samples of them anymore.

I am crying right now. I want to crawl in a hole and disappear. If it weren't for my son, the sunshine of my life, I may just let fate do what it wants to me. I am so tired of walking uphill into the wind and getting knocked down and never being able to get my breath in between crises. I am sorry to sound so desperate and needy, but I am desperate. I can't hardly see what I'm typing because I'm crying and my head hurts and the IBS is probably dehydrating me as it's been really bad the last 3 days, keeping me from leaving the house just for a change of scenery. It's been snowy, icy and cold so going outside is only for a few minutes at a time.

I can't even afford to move to a legal state. I'm sorry, I am rambling now. I will go and try to pull myself together or have a good cry whichever happens first.

I'll be back later, and give you a break from me for a while.
LL in Ohio


osceolaoz - February 16

I want to apologize to everyone for yesterday.

I had a little meltdown. It seems to happen once in a while.

Thanks for listening to me melt.


January - February 17

Hey, no apologies! It's good to let it out sometimes, and I just want to tell you that you are in my prayers. I hope things get better for you. Sometimes an angel appears just when you need one. Hang in there.


osceolaoz - February 20

Thank you all, I am going back through all your suggestions, just in case.



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