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hesitating meds!!!
11 Replies
stephanyb11 - January 14

Hi, my name is Stephany, i live in south central Nebraska where the weather seems to be very up and down!!! i have had fibromyalgia for 9 years and i am 29 years old today....vicodin and percocet seem to be the only medications that seem to work for my pain (percocet moreso then vicodin) but i am very hesitate to take these meds do to the addicting abilities...does anybody have any suggestions as to what may help that is not narcotic??? i have taken lyrica and nurotin...lyrica helped a bunch but had WAY to many side effects it was causing me..and cymbalta made me extremely sick....i'm just lost as to what to do...HELP PLEASE... this pain is awful!!!


Noca - January 15

The usual non narcotic FMS meds seem to be Lyrica, Gabapentin, Savella, and Cymbalta. The last two are anti-depressants known to help with nerve pain(FMS).


Canada17 - January 15

If you don't have a history of addiction and you are mindful about taking narcotics for pain, you should be fine.

There is a big difference between addiction and dependency and just because you need narcotics for pain relief does not make you an addict.

Lyrica did not work for me and Cymbalta also made me very sick. My doctor suspects I am allergic to narcotics and there is no test to find out. I have to try different ones and hope I don't have a reaction and make sure I have benadryl close by if I do.

It is very overwhelming to think that we need to rely on narcotics to get through the day but there is no reason to make yourself suffer. If you are careful and stick to your prescription and only take the medication when you need it, you will find relief.

Keep an open dialogue with your doctor about your use of narcotics and remember that people with chronic pain often need them. The stigma is there but like I said, you don't need to make yourself suffer.


Noca - January 16

What Canada17 said, addiction is NOT the same as dependency. I wrote a paper on the differences between the two, unfortunately we cant post links on this forum. Oh well.

As for narcotics, I've used them for 5 years almost now and I have never taken more than prescribed. In fact I take less than prescribed cause I personally just hate taking drugs. They seem to make my pain bearable so that I can function and live a somewhat normal life(though I cant work).


stephanyb11 - January 17

thank you for the input!!! i am glad that you all understand that dependency is a must to get through the day...i am unable to work and i am only 29 years old...i have an incredibly supportive husband so that helps alot!!! lately i have been have debilitating migraines and linked it to FMS. now another do i convince my doc, that i need the meds? i do not abuse my perscription...any ideas???:


Canada17 - January 17

You shouldn't have to convince your doctor to explore new treatment options. Especially if your current treatments aren't cutting it.

Talk to your doctor and if he is adamant that he won't help you then you always have the option to find a new doctor. Narcotics may not even agree with you.

Your doctor should be willing to help you. Good luck.


SofaGeorge - January 28

Stephany, I hesitated too. I was NOT going to take anything addictive. I even made myself go off all pain meds... until the pain got so bad I could not physically function.

Once I finally got over my own bias against narcotics... I found that when used correctly they are actually very benign drugs. You don't get high on them. You don't crave them. They are honestly no different now to me than my blood pressure or allergy meds.

The difference is though that by genuinely getting on a program that manages my fibro pain I live a full life again. I lift weights. I box. I walk the dogs and do yard work. Fibro pain is something you don't have to live with... and the first step in getting rid of it is understanding that there is a difference between "use" and "abuse" with pain medications.


Canada17 - January 28

Well said, SofaGeorge. : )


tlsinpain - March 28

I have been on xanax for sleeping for 12 years and I couldnt live without it, also I take Lyrica in very small doses and celebrex this seems to help enough that I can work, the weather affects this alot so therefore praying for summer bi time. Dont be afraid of medications, just use them responsibly and your pharmasist can help make sure there are no adverse reactions to mixed medications, they are well versed on what can be used with what. Take care, tls.


stephanyb11 - March 29

hi all thank you so much for your responses!! i have been working with my doctor and he has put me on savella, Gabapentin, and Vicodin and so far i am doing well with the combination of these medications. I feel much more comfortable taking the Vicodin after hearing from you all and realizing that i am not abusing the drug by taking it as needed...i was simply stressing about what everyone else that knew i was taking the medicine would say..i.e. druggy, pill popper, drug seeker..ect...after i got past this i felt much better!!! I guess that some people just dont realize what us FMS suffers have to go through on a daily basis, and if they want to call me those names then, i pray that they don't eat crow one day!! Once again thank you all for helping me understand and feel better about taking these medications!!!
God Bless you all!!


will_2 - March 29

I watched my wife suffer for 3 years, with a P.A. that was very suspect of all this being in her head....& of course, unwilling to consider-(or prescribe) real pain meds. after finding a specialist for her acid reflulx-(her throat was burned from prescription amoxicillin-& neglect-he thought she had strep)...We felt more confident in seeking 'specialists'-or at least full term medical doctors. 1st visit he put her on 10 mg hydrocodone 3 x's a day-she usually takes 1-2 per day;perhaps 3 x's mabey 4 days per month.
I look at it like this: if I had a headache, I dont think anyone would say I had drug seeking behaviour reaching for the asprin.
It's good to question the use of all meds & read the PDR if there will be something new you are taking. Of course; once you learn the names of generics of Lortab-(Hydros) & Oxy's-(persocets)-the "contain: means extended relief" will definately seem way too educated in narcotics for most M.D.'s.
Be Honest-youre not a child & deserve some respect & compassion-these arent somehing you would drop taking over a diabetic, high blood pressure, o heart meds patient.
Most abusers are using meg doses of this-seeking euphoria;-(which will never happen after 1st week of use...the euphoric nature or aspect goes away-^ they just deal with pain. Actually they arent that strong.
Nr caredul with tramadol-it should be OTC-you need the whole bottle to get rid of a minor toothache, plus you'll still have bad days/ question youself; your meds,your doc & feel down.
My wife hates pills as well-melotonin-an herb suppliment is gret for sleep,SaAM E is gret for depression rather than the Benzos or drugs like Paxil-(I say the "I-L" drugs....they seem to end in I-L.
Look at a pro pharmacy site-these chemists & experts know meds & see alot everyday-your pharmacist is a wealth of info.-(they are also patients themselves.
I saw where the oxy's are about 1.5 x's as strong;but time released-so you dont get faster relief on break through pain.Also I think it was possibly-( dont quote me)-8-10 lortab 10/500 = 5 mg of morphine. (they arent that strong.
Diet is important too-we drink Odwallas/Naked & Boalthouse brand or protien or smoothie type nutritional drinks w/ anti-oxidants & vitamins,fruit etc.
No fast food or grease or junk food.
It all ties together different for everyone. AND-pain thresholds are's easy to judge others...we shouldnt do that.
I've always believed & finally found what was wrong as I'm her best friend & husband & know here.(she doesnt make things up)
It was confirmed as fibro & so we've begun mant blood panels & other things-X-rays;etc.
It's a journey-if these bbig old 'asprin' can lighten your load & let you just think - or Clear your mind for 5 seconds of relief; I wish you all well in your quest just to function 1/2 as well.



I was on lyrica as well. I gained over 30 pounds and I also had more headaches than usual.
I take pain meds everyday. I have to or I wouldn't be able to get out of bed and work or take care of my daughter.
I have been on the meds for over 2 years. (I was put on them before I was diagnosed) It is definitely something that I need to kee me moving. It may be a choice for some people, but for others like myself, I HAVE to take pain meds to function. Good luck, I hope you find something that works for you!



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