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Is Tramodol any less addicting than Vicodin
13 Replies
Karkel - December 19

My Rheum.only wants to give me Tramodol for pain and I was seeing a Pain mgmt doctor(that no longer takes my insurance)that gave me Vicodin....I only take maybe 4 pills a week...if I take the Tramodol and it isn't as strong I will have to take even more pills (yuck) I don't want to ruin my kidneys or liver or whatever.


Noca - December 19

Tramadol is generally less addicting than Vicodin however it still has the same dependency issues. Unless you take the Tramadol mixed with Tylenol in high doses or have preexisting kidney/liver issues, then you shouldn't have a problem.


EmmyBoo - May 6

I take Tramadol for stomach issues. It has not helped with the leg and arm pain at all. If you go on it post how you are doing and if it has hepled. I'd be curious if you have any success.


amymarie - May 12

i take klonopin for anziety, but helps a great deal with fibro pain, n tramodol as needed..tramodol does wonders for me n i dont beilve addicting its not under the narcotic category


lucky13 - May 14

My Dr told me yesterday that Tramadol is less additive, and low on the list for addictive tendencies. My mother in law has issues with addiction when it comes to vicodin and xanax so taking meds scare me anyway so we made it a point to ask when he suggested me try it.
I haven't started it yet, I wanted to do my own research first.


XSomeoneX - March 21

No, Tramadol is way less addictive. If at all. I had an existing issue from an injury with Lori-tabs. I never truly craved to have to take a tramadol. It as a non-narcotic is about 85% less addictive than a narcotic. As well as any medicines. U would have mild symptoms of a withdrawal if u took Tylenol every day 4 times a day. My recommendation would to take only one a day. Or two. One at night and one in the morning if u have Pain issues, follow the medicine with food forever is less a mental addiction as well. as it dilutes the amount of a body buzz.
Hope this helps. as with any person. Its mentality as well. So believe u should be fine =)


jamesndebmoore - June 23

I was told by a very good experience doctor that because of the way people with fibos brain works it is almost impossible for us to become addicted to a medication. Our bodies may become dependent but because of the way our brain works we don't really get the "high" from pain medication. I've been on some kind of narcotic since 1998 and i've never had an addiction problem. I have lost my insurance and don't have an income so I've had to quit taking the narcotics. I'm in extreme pain but I didn't get any of the other symptoms of withdrawl so i'm not even sure our bodies can become dependent on the narcotics. This is just my personal experience for what it's worth. I wish I could reassure all of you that question if you should start taking the narcotics that it is ok, quality of life is sooooo important. Good luck everyone. Soft Hugs.


conniehurts - September 16

I have a question for you about drugs being addictive. Fibromyalgia is not something that is going to go away so other than not being able to get the drug because of a certain drs prejudice or new government laws what is the problem with a drug being physically addictive or mentally addictive? Some food is addictive, pop is addictive, even exercise is addictive! Quit worrying about that and worry more about if you get relief or not! This attitude is making it harder for all of us as pain patients to get relief!


axxie - November 19

Still too many doctors believe we are going to become junkies, oh please, the problem with tramadol is you needs a dose every few hours, so I would try something more stronger, like a pain patch, that is often the best relief. I am in Canada and they have Ralivia same as tramadol but slow release, which works fine for me when I am in a bad way. Nothing wrong to taking anything stronger, if you don't have health insurance, I am wondering if you went to the county hospital if they would give you the drugs for free. If not one thing that you can do is try Red Kryle it takes away the inflammation, that equals less pain. If you do take it, you will need 1600mg to 1800mg a day, I take it and find it does help, just remember it takes a few days before the inflammation reduces. If you think that FMS patients don't have inflammation, everyone is wrong if they say no, we all who have FMS must treat the inflammation in your body, the residual pain you have is easier to control with whatever medication you are willing to take, just remember to ask for only a pain management regime, in other words a pain only regiment.


conniehurts - November 19

No such thing as county hospital in Fairbanks Alaska. We have one hospital that wasn't too bummer health system (banner health system)took it over. They wont give yu a bandaid free! The prices for health care is almost twice what is is most other places. They are "non-profit" and were built by the community originally. Heck they cant even treat a steam burn properly. Anyone knows these days that you do not put ointment on a burn and they use bacitracin ointment on a severe steam burn! Idiots! They don't even carry Sulfadine cream, which anywhere else is what they use in burn units! The one and only thing I have ever tried that gives me a quality of life is 125 mcg of duragesic Patches(fentanyl. Trying to find drs that will use that drug for anything but cancer patients is like finding hens teeth! Yes I am "addicted" but the only problem in that is if I cant get it. Anti-inflammatory meds don't do squat. Without the patches I have no life so its not addiction like a person taking it for recreational drugs. I have zero side effects and controllable pain while on it. I have been told to take b-complex because I am one of those evil people who smokes cigarettes but it does not stay in my system, goes right thru me. I have tried several brands and forms of it too. My hubby take lubricyn for inflammation and that too does nothing for me, made a change in his pain like night and day! I will check out krill but without much hope of it working. I have a grocery bag of drugs, vitamins, and supplements that haven't worked. As we have already said not everyones body is the same and mine is totally screwed up lol. I do have extra nerves where they shouldn't be. I found that out when I got my teeth pulled. The dentist had never seen that before lol. My mothers hubby as a neurosurgeon and had her tested and found her nerves are not in the amount or even in the places where they should be, I figure I am the same lol. I will try anything as long as no one takes my patches away :-D.
I wanted to ask does your fms affect your digestion? I have real trouble with that even prior to all these drugs I am on! This is gross and maybe tmi but I have had problems with bowel movements since I was a kid and one dr (that I trusted) told me that now my colon doesn't work right, Its like elastic that is worn out from being stretched from constipation for so many years. I cannot eat high fiber foods in any quantity or it will put me in the hospital with an impacted colon! I take Correctol 5 per day and often don't go for a week or more at a time. I figure all that poison in my system doesn't help my general health at all!
Gentle hugs and Peace Connie


axxie - November 22

water, my dear, you need to up your water intake and need to walk, to help you with your gut voiding what is in your gut.


conniehurts - November 23

I drink a lot and walking, especially in winter is very difficult. Our cabin is 24X24 and crowded to the ceiling so nowhere to walk indoors. Cant do the winter temps outside. Even when I walked 3-4 miles per day still had the problem. As we all have said, not all bodies are the same. Mine is extra strange lol.


axxie - November 26

He Conniehurts I picked up these names, that might be able to help you, you may not be in the right city, but thought I would send them to you anyway, cheer!!

Bethany Buchanan, ANP Avante Medical Center
915 W. Northern Lights
Anchorage, AK 99503
Phone: (907) 770-6700 Fax: (907) 770-6707 Michael Fischer, M.D.

Mark Swircenski, PA-C Alaska Family Wellness Center
4200 Lake Otis Parkway, Suite 304
Anchorage, AK 99508
Telephone: 907-561-9444


conniehurts - November 27

Thank you Axxie for taking the time to find those names. Sadly they are in Anchorage which is over 300 miles away. I am in Fairbanks. I went to a woman who was supposed to specialize in that sort of thing and she never even mentioned the blood work for bio-identical hormones. the drs and such that work here are the bottom of the barrel. They work here only cuz the pay scale is high, they love to hunt and fish, or they cant work anywhere else.



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