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January - June 10

Hi pikes peak! Hope your weather is better than ours. It's like a steam bath out there - Code Red!

I talked to my pharmacist about the taking magnesium supplements, and did some research on it too.

As it turns out the Mg supplement most frequently prescribed by doctors is magnesium oxide. It's also the cheapest and not the most easily absorbed!

Better formulations are Magnesium Citrate, Magnesium Gluconate or Magnesium Lactate. Also, I read you should include a B complex vitamin to help absorption. B6 affects the absorption of Mg. I just got some Slo-Mag, which I've used before.

I've read a little about transdermal magnesium patches, but haven't tried them - seems magnesium is not so easily absorbed in the body. Epsom salt baths work because your body absorbs magnesium. Lots of studies link deficiency to different diseases, including some links to fibro and restless leg syndrome.

As always, for everyone out there, make sure you know what you are doing if you supplement with magnesium - too much is as bad as too little. Run it by your dr. if you aren't sure.


Pikespeak - June 11

Thanks for the research! I have been taking a moderate dose (when I remember, duh!). If I were consistant it would help me to clarify if it is a help....will keep you posted...Did I mention that I really hate taking pills?! I know they're a necessary evil, but who really enjoys it? The only one I really look forward to is my Ambien!


January - June 11

I used Ambien when it first came out. It was enormously helpful. The problem was, I built up a tolerance and had to take more. Started waking up at night and needed extra. Did the midnight sleep eating thing too. I could see that was not going to a good place. I think I switched to something else for a long time.

Now I take mostly Melatonin and just a piece of Ambien to get to sleep if I need it. If marijuana were legal, I'd smoke one or two puffs of that - it's pretty harmless, IMO. There's a lot of good research out about it now.

I read a lot of bad stuff about Lunesta, but I never tried it. I also read research showing that melatonin works just as well as Rx sleep medicines. But even melatonin comes with risks.

Glad the Ambien works for you. I remember it was like a wonder drug for me! Just watch it if you start needing more and more. it can be well managed and tolerance avoided if you use several different sleep aids, and switch around on them.



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