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Morphine paternal fibromyalgia genetic??
5 Replies
Svetlana1 - October 26


My husband is in Morphine and Vicodine . He takes time realise Morphine and Vicodine all ready 6 years. He has a very bed pain in his back ( disks problems and fibromylagia)

Well we thinking about have a baby!!!!

My worry is ---------- is is baby will be healthy? I talk to doctors they tell me that what ever husband takes it will not case no birth defects.

I am scared the baby will be unhealthy or with birth defects I did have a Miscarriage when I was 12 weeks pregnant...Doctors do not know what is the problem was, but doctor did tell me that the medication that my husband take did not have any effect on it and that if I will have 3 miscarriges then they will start worry. what about fbromyalgia is it genetic??

Thanks so much



Virg - October 27

Hi Svetlana. Are you russian. I am Canadian Russian and always loved the name svetlana? Anyway thats a very good question and hope lots more log in with thier response. My opinion is the drugs your husband is on won't be fully harmful to the baby. If you are taking care of yourself thats the most important thing. We've had people on here whose mom had fibro and they have it as well. Then again people here have fibro and noone else in the family does. I know what your husband is going through as I have the same thing a degenerated disc arthritis and fibro. I'm still to scared to take any strong medications though. It does hurt like crazy but if you want a baby look after yourself and go for it. Best of Luck with your decision.


TERESA - October 27

I don't think that there is any danger that the drugs will cause birth defects or miscarriges, the drugs you have mentioned have been around a long time & I'm sure the doctors would be aware of any dangerous side effect by now! As for FMS being genetic, I don't think it is. If two or more people in your family has it, I think it is a concendence. They don't even know what causes FMS & the medical comunity has not even recognised FMS as a disease!!


carm - October 27

So true Teresa, we are still a syndrome even though Alcoholism is a disease. Does that make any sense whatsoever?


Virg - November 5

HI again. I was wondering if this helped in any way. Planning a baby is so special and wonderful. What I learnt on this forum is you could ask and you will be told honest opinions and if you are get answers for that too. Thinking of you and hoping you are in a good place.


dream69 - December 19

Fibromyalgia is in inherited disorder that is sex linked. It is believed that the genes responsible for the disorder are found in the X chromosome and seem to be dominant in their expression. This is why Fibromylagia is more common in women than it is in men. If a woman has the disease, then 50% of her children will have the disease. If a man has the disease, then all of his daughters will have the disease.



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