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My head, neck and shoulders hurt so much
6 Replies
kiwi4jesus - January 14

Can anyone recommend something which will help the pain. My head has been really painful to touch in places and I have been taking really strong painkillers with codeine but I am afraid these will do more damage to my body.


sandi - August 31

Ive been suffering with neck and shoulder pain soo very long the only thing that has helped me was methadone it doesnt make you feel drowsy Im scared of drugs but was at the end i couldnt function anymore.


blondie - September 6

alot of people are on methadone. it is a very strong med, with way to many side effects. my pain was so bad my children dressed me, got me out of bed. my mother did most everything for me for approx 2 months. i did not want to take any narcotics so i prayed alot, hired a trainer and go to the gym now three times a week i feel great. when i first started going i cried for the first 6 months during the hour session, but i refused to give up. i know it would have been sooooo easy for me to lay on the couch and take narcotics or whatever but they are addictive, and they only mask the pain. this has been the hardest thing in my life that i had to work so hard for, to be pain free, well mostly.


Victoria - October 28

I do not know if you are talking about a headache with neck and sholder pain. I get a knot in my neck that goes up my neck and feels like a headache only on my right side of my head. The pain then goes to my shoulders and lower back and sometimes down my arm. Nothing ever worked except a chiropractor but it always comes back sooner or later. A doctor recommended a Lidoderm patch. When I first feel the knot in my neck just behind my lower part of my ear, I put half the patch on there. I must use tape to hold it on. You wear it for 12 hours and it is gone. This has been a miracle for me and I do not have to live with these for 4 to 10 days and usually once a month. The tension of knowing they would never leave made them come more often.


meg - January 13

lidocaine patches have worked for me as well
good luck


Jean - January 14

Ask your doctor about flexeril 10mg three times a day and of course an antidepressant which helps with pain and sleep and talwin NX for pain taking it only as needed and up to 3 times a day. Stretching helps also.


Questa - July 3

I got an IJoy massage chair on ebay-I use it everyday when I am getting up and find that it helps my neck, shoulder and back tremendously!



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