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Natural sources
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weemama - July 11

Hello everyone: I was wondering if anyone was going the natural route instead of scripts? If so I could use a little help in that area. I really don't want to take anymore drugs from my doc, as I am on antidepressents and antianxiety drugs now. And the truth is, I really don't like taking them, but right now I have no choice. I am really interested in the natural thing, so please let me know. Thanks so much.


Fantod - July 11

Hello weemama - You pose an interesting question. Unfortunately, you will probably have to take prescription medication to manage your fibromyalgia (FMS). FMS places a great deal of stress on the body and without proper treatment you can really add to your health issues.

That being said, I am very sensitive to medication and have to be on the lowest dose available. I am also allergic to a lot of medication. Treating me for anything is a nightmare. I use a mix of holistic AND conventional medicine to treat my FMS. I work with a nutrionist for the holistic supplements.

You should be using Barlean's cold pressed flax seed oil (2000 mg a day). Flax seed oil is very good for FMS.

For energy, you could try B-12(1000mcg)with folic acid (400 mcg) in a sublingual tablet. You need folic acid to help the B-12 absorb. Sublingual tablets have to be used in a specific manner. Nothing to eat, drink, no smoking, teeth brushing a half hour before AND after letting the tablet dissolve under your tongue. They don't taste nasty at all. I keep my bottle on the bedside table. I take one first thing (the crack of noon - LOL) so it will give me "push" to get out of bed.

For fibro-fog I use a product from Puritan's Pride (you can find them online) called Neuro-PS (phosphatidylserine)200 mg a day. It comes in different strengths. I don't have huge problems with fibro-fog most of the time so this dose seems fine for me.

For anxiety I use 200 mg of L-Theanine. It doesn't knock you sideways and seems to do a pretty good job of taking the edge off. I use this at night to help ensure that I sleep.

In addition to my nighttime prescription medication, and L-Theanine I also use Melatonin. I only use 1mg as I am very sensitive. You can go up to 3 mg. I'd try 1mg when you have no plans for the next day to see how it affects you. Melatonin is recommended for jet lag. A lot of people who travel regularly use it.

For muscle cramping and twitching you could try Malic Acid. This is also available from Purtians Pride online. I used 825 mg a day. It stopped the incessant twitching. Unfortunately, I also have a raging case of GERD and had to quit taking it as it was adding to my digestion issues.

I really want to encourage you to stay on your prescription medication and supplement with homeopathic products. Once a chronic pain cycle has gone on for a long time, it becomes increasingly difficult to stop or control. Getting off of your scripts could set you up for even bigger problems. As always, if you are going to use homeopathic supplements be sure you understand what you are taking and how to use it.
Take care and let us know how you are doing.



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