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Opana ER
4 Replies
vavaughn - March 8

I know we are all always looking at what options exist out there. I have not seen anyone post about Opana. Opana is a narcotic, oxymorphone. It is intended for people who have moderate to severe pain around the clock and not taken on as need basis. I take 1 ever 12 hours and it is my lifeline to being able to function.

There are some downfalls, you have to step your dosing up slowly until you find the right dosage. I am currently on the highest dose of 40mg.

I know everyone has varying opinions about narcotics for fibromyalgia but this has really changed my life. I am still searching for what to do about the fatigue (and yes I know the narcotics do not help the fatigue).

I just wanted to mention a drug that I haven't seen discussed that has changed what my fibromyalgia pain that was taking away from my life everyday.

Wishing everyone the best for a painfree and alert day.


Noca - March 8

Opana is not available in Canada, otherwise I would be on it, (the short acting version anyways). I still love my Fentanyl patches, giving me round the clock pain relief for 72 hours.



I haven't heard of this medication. I went from 4 + 750 vics a day, to 30 mg of Morphine Sulfate CR twice a day. now I am up to 60 mgs. And sometimes I am still hurting. I just wish there was a magic pill to make all of this pain, and ALL of the other conditions away. :( Wishful thinking.

Anyways, thanks for bringing another med to surface. May come in handy sometime in the future


Noca - March 17

INPAINDAILYJC - I really suggest you try Opana, according to my research and anecdotes that I've read, its supposed to be a really good pain killer.

You can get Opana ER for long acting pain relief and Opana IR for breakthru pain relief. It is exactly 3 times the strength of morphine when used in pill form. :)

so 60mg of Morphine = 20mg of Opana IR




I will definitely talk to my doctor about this tomorrow at my appointment. He is very leary about prescribing any type of breakthru meds. I normally have to obtain them myself.. But again, I don't think I need them for EVERY DAY usage. Just when needed.

I will keep you posted on what my doctor said. I am writing the name of this down right now.

Thanks and hope you are hanging in there!



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