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opinion of lyrica
55 Replies
katie - September 21

i have just been told i have fibromyalgia. the doctor gave me lyrica. just wonder if anyone has an opinion on how it helps.


Friday - October 3

Katie, from what I can find, Lyrica is a brand new drug for nerve pain associated with shingles or diabetes. The web site ( doesn't say anything about fibromyalgia, so I'm curious as to why a doctor would prescribe a brand-new drug to a brand-new fibromyalgia patient?


Azhure - October 4

I have just been put on Lyrica. As I understand it is used for nurlogical pain. aka. nerves. Hopefully it will work as I am coming into my exams, but I will let you know in a couple of weeks.


Sharon - October 6

I have just been put on lrica. Iam interested in the results of other fibro suffers. Fibromyalgia Newtwork has a copy of a journal article discussing a clinical trial ,from, journal, "Arthritis and Rheumatism" Vol 52 No4 April 2005 pp 1264-1273. The title is 'Pregabalin for the Treatment of Fibromyalgia syndrome.' Pregabalin is the generic name of LYrica.


balinga - October 7

I have been on Lyrica for my FMS for a little over a week, and it is amazing the difference it has made! I was extremely skeptical about its ability to help, but it has made a dramatic change in my quality of sleep, as well as eliminated the horrid "brain fog" that has made life miserable. It hasn't completely eliminated the pain, but it has made it substantially more bearable. I consider this my miracle cure!


Eric - October 29

I was put on Lyrica for a crushed foot injury. I have only been on it a day, and it seems to be working my burning and tingling pain is less today.

But when I take Lyrica, I do suffer from dizzyness and confusion when I take it. Don't drive on the medicine until your body is use to it. Walking is difficult enough.


Robert - November 4

I was involved in clinical phase III testing of Lyrica in the generic form of pre-gabablin through my doctor for six months before it was approved for FM in October. While everyone is different, I have had no side effects from it and it has made a tremendous difference in my life. It took about a week and a half before I noticed a real difference and after three months my Doc had to up the dose a bit. It's not a cure, I still have FM and it still sucks, but it seems to suck a lot less on Lyrica .


michele - November 5

i have been on lyrica 3 wks. I noticed pain relief within hrs! i have multiple illnesses and have been thru all meds, narcotic and many procedures,It does not take all pain away but makes life much more livable!!!!! my diagnosis is hep c,rhuematoid arth.,nerve damage and I.C. wondweful relief. god bless you


BC - January 5

I have been on Lyrica for 10 days (100 Mg/day). It has made a noticeable improvement in my pain level. It's the most improvement I've seen on any drug I've taken.


mary - February 8

my husband has fm and suffers terribly with the disease, our doctor put him on lyrica and within 2 weeks he had stopped rubbing his "aching "bones, was aable to get up without looking like an old man with extreme arthritis, and his narcotic pain med use was down by more then 2/3 of his usual needs. now our insurance won't cover it because it isn't approved for his fm help...


sean - February 19

i take lyrica for damage nerve repair


Jan - February 22

I am part of a research study using Lyrica. It has been two weeks and I am not seeing a difference. I am so afraid I have received a placebo. :( Time will tell.


Sonya - February 27

I have been taking Lyrica for 6 weeks now. My doctor is the Director for Fibromyalgia research. The reason Lyrica is being described now when you do not see information on the page stating that it is used for Fibromyalgia is because the medicine originally came out for neuropathic pain for diabetics. As with many other medications, they began to explore other conditions that were in the same realm of nerve pain. This obviously expanded that to Fibromyalgia. Studies for Fibromyalgia and Lyrica have been going on for several years now and is going to included as one of the conditions on the Lyrica page once it reaches it's required research study information completion. Lyrica has been a life saver for me. I was started gradually until I reached my full dosage. The blurred vision and loopiness does go away. True the pain is not fully gone, but makes living SOOOO possible. I do not feel like I have the flu everyday anymore and the pain is pretty minimal. I am a person again. I am getting ready to start exercising again which is amazing!! Good Luck to all who try it. When you are on Lyrica, it will work if you do not give up on it too soon. Too many people are giving up after 2 or 3 days. It takes at least a full week or 2 to adjust to your dosage. Don't give up....let it work. Watch what you eat though. Weight gain can be rapid. Smaller meals more frequently during the day fight the urge to want to eat. Once you feel better, you can begin an exercise regimen. Imagine, fibromyalgia and exercise? It is possible :)


Michelle - February 27

I have been on Lyrica 75mg 2 times a day for about 2-1/2 weeks for Fibromyalgia. I can tell a slight difference in my pain level, it has enabled me to lower the dosage of other pain meds, but by itself, does not alleviate my pain to the point where I can be a productive person. I am continuing as prescribed until my next visit ...


Sara - March 23

Very excited to get lyrica. If I can even just lower my need for pain meds by half it would be worth it. The possible benifits for sleep, anxiety, depression, wide spread pain all in one pill is very exciting, I've been waiting for a very long time for the development to just get this far. I pray it works for all of us with FM.


Sara - March 24

My husband I both have FMS and it has been very challenging. We just got the older version of Lycria because the cost is crazy high. The older pills are called Gabapentin or Nerotin. It's working what can I say!!! We have only been taking it for a couple days and have seen an improvment. My husband hasn't slept through the night in years, he took 300mg at bed time and slept all the way through! He was so excited. We went to the doctors for the new one and they will prescribe it for FMS but its use is off lable so insurance doen't cover it and it costs about $3 a pill =$270 for 90caps. The Gabapentin was $110 for 90 caps. So far I've been taking small amounts 150mg 3x's a day with no side effects. I plan to move up my dose after 5-7 days. FYI there's lots of info on the web on the new drugs. Gabapentin has been out for a long time, you have to take more of it than the new one and technically it's not the same compunds. People trying Lyrica need to ease into it to avoid side effects, its much stronger they say than the Gabapentin.


Sara - March 24

I wanted to add that the Gabapentin has helped with the depression. I feel happier and so did my husband. It's only been a couple days. I can't say much about the pain relief yet but I think that will come in time as I up the dose.



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