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opinion of lyrica
55 Replies
kathy - August 24

i have had fibromyalgia for years. Lyrica is the newest drug that they have used. From being bed ridden to being without any pain in one day. It's the best. My rheumotologist says, it works better than any known drug. I have no side affects


kathy - August 24

i have had fibromyalgia for years. Lyrica is the newest drug that they have used. From being bed ridden to being without any pain in one day. It's the best. My rheumotologist says, it works better than any known drug. I have no side affects try it and dont be afraid.


sue - August 24

weight loss and lyrica


karen - August 24

my daughter was on Lyrica for four weeks and had all the side effects of the drug she has now been off it for six weeks and still has some of the problems from the drug she did notice it helped with the pain but she has bad tremors in her legs and arms now and has got dramatically worse than she was before she ever started on it. Can you tell me how long it takes to get out of her system


Carolyn Haynes - August 25

I have been on lyrica for about two weeks and it has help me to sleep at night. I also have to take a naproxen with it.


TERESA - August 26

Sue, NO! Weight GAIN & Lyrica! I was taking Neurotin for a while & my doctor switched me to Lyrica. Iam now having problems with swelling really bad & I plan to see if I can go back to Neurotin my next visit!


Linda - August 27

I took lyrica for 5 weeks and my pain was better for awhile, then i started getting leg aches and foot spasm, I have been off of it for 3 weeks and still have bad muscle pain in legs and arms. i am much worse than before i started taking it.


karen - August 31

my daughter is 30 and she is very chronic with fibromyalgia we live in Australia, her spasms are continuing still does anyone know how long it takes to get out of your system


dot - August 31

I just got home from the rheumatologist. He put me on lyrica to try. I had been on Prednisone for three years. Just got rid a % of the bloat from that. Is the weight gain and "BIG" feeling going to start again????? Is it worth it for the pain and everything else that is with FMS?????


Monica - September 3

I have been given Lyrica for the same thing. It helps!


Jill - September 8

I was diagnosed with fibromyalgia in 1992. I think I've probably tried everything. Neurontin did not work for me - I was up to 2400 mg/day and all that did is cause severe stomach problems that took months to recover from. I had to stop. I have severe cramping in my hips to the point of needing an electric cart for any distances. My hands and arms cramp and burn when doing any of the crafts I love or even typing emails. I've been on Lyrica for two and a half months. It's wonderful. I can sleep! My pain levels have diminished. I know they won't go away but this is such a vast improvement to my life BL (before Lyrica) that I feel like a different person. My husband in thrilled with the change. And I can type all this with only a little pain. I have gained only one pound altho my appetite is healthier and I have to watch myself. I had some pretty severe dizziness to begin with but that went away in about a month. I've almost stopped using vicodin, which was my only help before. My insurance denied coverage of Lyrica and I appealed the decision. Was notified today that until it gets FDA approval for treating fibro they won't cover it. Some of you seem to be involved in studies toward that end. Any idea how it's going or if Pfiser is even going for it? It's pretty pricey! But I have to find a way to continue. After nearly 15 years, I feel like there's actually a life out there!


Layne - September 21

I was diagnosed 3 years ago with periferial neuropathy and have since been through pure hell. Anybody with this can tell you the pain can absolutley drive you over the edge. MY pain was so bad that I would have trouble breathing,I couldn't sleep, I could hardly walk or stand. I used a chair in the shower because I could not stand that long. My doctor started me on Lyrica about 5 months ago at 75mg 2 times per day and worked it all the way to 300mg 2 times a day. The first pill I took I felt it working and going through all the side effects which went gradually away I can tell you that it was an absolute miracle for me. I don't know what I would have done if this drug had not come along. It absolutley saved my life and If I ever can find out who made this drug come to pass I would thank him or her from the bottom of my heart for helping me with this horrible pain I had been going through. The narcotics I have taken, and I have been through them all have helped a little but could hardly touch the level of pain I was going through. I can only hope It continues to do what it is doing because some of the pain has came back over time of taking it. I hope my body doesn't get used to it and the pain returnes. All I can say is if your pain is bad enough the side effects become irrellivent, you will do anything to make it go away. Thats what I did and thank god it worked.


anglyn - June 27

It works...the only thing that I personally noticed was that is causes me to have memory lapses. Things that I never would have forgotten, I forget. Very frustrating. My insurance would not pay for it so now I am taking Gabapentin, it doesn't work well for me.


DianaTF - June 28

Lyrica helped with my pain tremendously well. I especially noticed that at just 75 mg my morning stiffness nearly completely with 2 weeks...

The biggest "downer" is the weight gain.My PM M.D. gave me a diuretic to expel excess water retention, but I'm still "puffy." It's going to be a big decision for with the puffiness, eat less, move more or stop the Lyrica. It just stinks that the one drug that REALLY helped me get going in the morning also makes me feel like The Stay Puff Marshmallow Man ;)

All the best to you and 'Welcome to the Club.' hang in there! ~Di ~


Rachel46 - July 1

I have had Fibromyalgia for forty years, only the last 8 years it was diagnosed. Rest of the time I was told it was in my head. yeah right. Well anyhow I still suffer, I did try Lyrica, it helped some, but boy did I gain the weight gained 50 lbs., and that was 2 years ago and I haven't lost it yet, no matter how I eat. I would not take this drug if they paid me too. I haven't found the cure, I am now on cymbalta, it is also for my depression. Fibro Fog, Depression, no energy, pain, sleepy all the time, can't usually sleep during the night, it is the life. I wished this was never something we had to deal with. I do hope other people find the drug ok. but it wasn't for me.


missbeloved - July 6

I have had Fibromyalgia for 5 years now. When I was first diagnosed ,the doctors did not know how to treat it, and I was given all kinds of drugs. I had a problem sleeping and was not breathing during my sleep. I had a sleep study done and found I had sleep apnea. I started using the c-paps machine every night, and 80% of the pain was gone after a week. I felt more energy but I still needed something for sleep( Ambien).After 3 years the pain started to creep back and I was started on Lyrica. I feel great, I only take it at night and I have only had some weight gain, other than that so far I fell great. I go to an 8-5 job 5 days a week and I keep moving and stay out of bed. Lyrica has been good to me.



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