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In Pain - August 22

I want my doctor to prescribe oxycontin for my fibromyalgia.I am in constant pain with no relief.Nothing else has helped.How can I get my doctor to prescribe it to me?


Maura A. - November 9

My doctor has put me on it after trying Methadose. I am not sure yet on how well it is doing, I just started to use it.


JacquelineK - December 27



Maura A. - September 14

It helps but my doctor wants me to take 80mg a day and I am having trouble getting to that amount. It makes me sleepy. But he wants me to take 20 mg four times a day to keep the pain away. Good luck


hallejoe - January 4

Oxycontin is HIGHLY addictive. My father ended up going into a coma from an accidental overdose, bc it didn't control his pain, but he was addicted. He had brain damage and died. A doctor that would be quick to prescribe that I would beware of first off, secondly if you have an addictive personality I would not recommend that course of treatment for your symptoms. Have you tried cranialsacrum therapy? All natural and gave me my first bit of relief in six years.


missve - July 1

most regular, meaning general or family dr's, try to stay clear of prescribing any opoids. There are many reason's and the top being that they are carefully watched and have a lot of paperwork and explaining why they are doing this for you, it like having the goverment standing over his or her shoulder waiting to find a mistake. The only place that really can and will do this is Pain clinic's. This is their speciailty and you need to get your family dr to refer you to the closes one to you. I have been thru it all and if you need any more info..I am , and have been on opiods for 4 years now. feel free to email me


mariantodino - March 23

I am having the same problem, I had finally gotten my life back to some sort of normalcy, I was taking oxycontin 3x's a day, as well as 5mg of diazepam 3x's a day and 10mg of ambien at bedtime, I never appeared to anyone as being on this medication,and had been on it for 5 years, after a long road of implants, surgeries,unsuccessful meds, loss of sleep and such,I had a car accident in november of last year, slipping on wet leaves, rushed to a hospital, where they were treating me with dilaudid, morphine, demoral, oxycontin and oxycodone, upon discharging me my discharge instructions read that i was delusional, and on all those meds who wouldn't be, and to wean me off of narc b4 i returned to see their surgeon (I have my own) my PC took it to wean me off the meds that he had been giving me for 5 years, after going back and forth, I left my pc of 20 yrs., have appt. with new one this wk, and took myself off all meds. I could not see taking a narc, he had cut me down to 40mg 3x's, not have it work and feel like a drug addict or drug seeker, trying to find one to gv trmnt as i was in, is hard. back brkn, had surgery no help, pain horrendous even with injections, I am totally frustrated,sleepless, and in pain.


Fantod - March 24

You need to see a pain specialist. They would be best qualified to decide whether Oxycontin is necessary or would be helpful. Only certain classes of medication work for Fibromyalgia. Take care.


mariantodino - March 25

I understand what you are saying, that was the only medication that has worked I have been diagnosed since 1995, and have tried it all, from antidepressants, tranqualizers, sleeping pills, pain meds, injections, pain pumps, trigger point injections, epidural injections, I have stopped taking it all, saw new primary care, started back on sleeping and lyrica at a higher dose, i feel like a guinea pig and am to old and totally discusted at this point.


JOEGIRL - April 21

I have never taken oxycontin but I know someone that is addicted to it and in bad shape from taking too many so I am scared of it. My pain care dr. has me on Norco and it helps with my pain but recently I started hurting bad again and the dr. added ''Opana ER,'' twice daily for breakthru pain. I never heard of this med. Has anyone taken it and has it helped.? I know all pain meds are addictive but I can't take the pain.


prescott.norco - June 12

How to buy prescription drugs? My doctor prescribed vicodin for a while back, my back hurts, I think it is a great help, but in my country it is difficult to find, it is paramount to have my information on it and found information about the medicine, because it provided me.


LastsGal - July 15

A regular MD or GP CAN'T write an Rx for Oxycontin. They don't have the correct DEA documents to do so. Opioids have such a high abuse rate that they don't let just any doctor write prescriptions for them.

You will be extremely hard pressed to find a doctor anywhere who will write you a prescription when you walk in the door saying "I want oxycontin." Even if you aren't drug-seeking, you just sounded like one. Not a good first impression.

Bottom line is you need to find a good pain management doctor and let them run through their paces. There is a protocol most use, from what meds to try in what order, to how often they see you and whether you're required to bring in your bottles, even how often to do urine drug screens to ensure you're not abusing.

A good pain manager can take up to six months or longer to find something that works at all, but the one's worth their salt will help you with immediate pain along with trying to fix the underlying condition.

Good luck to you!


riveraex - February 8

I have been on percoset for over two years. It has given back my quality of life. I am a social worker with a high caseload and a ADHD son and heart patient husband. Today, a new P.A. showed up and stated that I am on a too high dosage. It is 40 mgs per day. She said she wants to taper me off slowly. I stated that the cymbaltal is not for me. It makes me feel high and disoriented. The savella the same. Both can gain weight and cause darskinesis which is irreversible . I am so scared. I will be showing her the material from this site and confront her on threatening my quality of life. This young woman, how dare she, think she could destroy what little life I have.! I believe we will be having a showdown.



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