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Hello to all my fellow Fibro people. I am SO tired of people worrying about addiction to pain medications and also judging others who take them. Look, I have been on SEVERAL pain meds. At one point, I was on a VERY high dose of Morphine. Now I take 8 10mg Percocets a day. And it seems like it isn't working as well anymore.. I am in SO much pain when I wake up. It sucks... I have friends and family that say they are worried I will become an addict. I keep telling them, I NEED to be ABLE to function. DAILY. I work full time and am a single mother. If the pain medication is going to help, I am going to take it... SO[ to everyone that is facing the same battle, whether it is friends, family or anyone, DO NOT worry about their feelings. They aren't in our shoes and cannot speak on what medication we need. Hope everyone is doing OKAY. Would say good, but I cannot remember when i woke up and had a good day!


axxie - January 8

Hello dear, I just read what you wrote, you need to go see your doctor and you need to switch to something else, high dose of morphine and taking 8 Percocets is very dangerous, what you are doing to your body is one thing, but you mention that you have a family and need to work, trust me you continue like this, you will be 6 feet under. Your meds mix is very dangerous for you being hooked on and the most dangerous one is it slows down your breathing, that means your blood is not circulating as it should and your heart is pumping hard, a very dangerous mix of meds. Please go see your doctor and make him change your meds. Maybe a pain med would be more suitable, but that would need for you to let go the morphine and the percocets. A very dangerous dose. Please I beg of you to go see your doctor and ask if you can be changed to only one pain patch. Pain patch also come with warning, but I believe your body is so use to all these meds that it's already firing you warning sides that you are hooked on the morphine



Axxie, I am not on both Morphine and Percocets. Used to be on Morphine. Now I take 8 Percocets a day.. NORMALLY it works well enough. But some days I feel like I need a little extra... Thanks for being concerned tho.


axxie - January 12

Maybe you would be serve better on a pain patch such as the like of Fentanyl. The doctor usually start you a the lowest dose of 100mg, it packs a good punch in controlling the pain. I know several people who are on it, it does control fibro. Good luck. I also take 3,000 mg of krill. As I have also arthritis pain, the red krill helps diminish the pain. Therefore I can control my fibro pain much better. Now if they can just give me something for my fibro brain I'd be a happy person. Good luck to you



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