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PRELIMINARY drug test came back "wonky" IE, i'm an addict?!
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sachiaiko - March 4

So, i took my drug test about 4 months ago, and when the results came back it indicated something was not right with my pain meds.

So, my doctor never says anything, doesnt check the FULL RESULTS when they come in, and for three plus months he has been treating me like a drug seeker and i've had no idea what was wrong....

I go to my pain specialist and in the conversation she mentions that my drug test came back with an "aberant result" - her word, not mine. The shock on my face could NOT be faked, so she cut her own self off from talking, stopped, looked down and said "Well, wait, this is a preliminary result. It may be nothing at all." She walks out to GET the full results, which she didnt even have in front of her - and i'm wondering how i could have an "aberant" result when i've taken everything just like i should...

Then she comes back in, and says "Woops, never mind. The prelim was bad but the full results cleared it up. You've done nothing wrong"

So how is it that my doctor could NEVER tell me a test came back bad, treat me like a drug addict and stop looking for a diagnosis for my other problems (that have put me into TWO life threatening comas. You'd think it'd be a priority!) and for three whole months plus some he never flipping checked the FULL RESULTS.

Come on, its so messed up. And tomorrow i have to go confront him about it. :sighs:

Anyone else had a similar eperience? Drug test come back wrong? Something similar?

In my 17 years of treatment, i've had hundreds of drug tests and TWO have come back inacurately. I know its happened at least once to my mom too.

Any one else? How did you address it with your doc?



conniehurts - September 16

I had blood work come back saying I had an std yet my fiance whom I had lived with for 2 yrs came out fine. I was FREAKED out cuz this was for our marriage license! It took 4 blood tests to figure out what was wrong and that I didn't have any std's! Its all the same to a dr. They don't want to see the entire picture they just want to cover their butts with both hands and to heck with actually treating a patient properly! Why should we be subjected to drug tests just to get our illness treated? Why can other issues get treated without all the bs? It makes me so angry I want to scream!



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