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I just wanted to let everyone know how much of a life saver this medicine has been for me. It was kinda hard to fight my doctor to get it. BUT, I did get it due to the chronic fatigue associated with Fibro.
Well, I was given 100mg tablets yet my doctor said I could take 2. THEY WORK. I haven't had this much energy in YEARS. I can work my full 40 hour shift, come home, make dinner, clean and help with homework. It is just awesome. The only problem I have is the Insomnia. I take the pills bright and early in the am.. So I would think the effect of the meds would be done by nighttime. BUT, i do have klonopin and Ambien. So I am going to take both of them tonight and see how it works.
just wanted to share this information. Hope this helps a cpl of you!
Take Care my fellow Fibro friends.



I see that there hasn't been any responses to this, but I wanted to get back online and say that I am not having any bad side effects of this medication and LOVE IT. I have been able to do SO much more than before. I feel HALF NORMAL!


January - February 16

Hi Inpain - I read it - and I'm glad you're managing well on it and getting stuff done! I didn't write anything because you know me - I'm ambivalent about drugs. I really wanted to try some stimulant meds - and did some research - almost all of them can cause sudden heart problems. I assume you know this, and accept the risk.

I have ADD, and briefly took brand name stimulants decades ago - they had the effect of sedating me. Although I did focus better (after a nap!) Most of the newer drugs are formulated with mixtures of drugs now to counteract the sedating effect - but they all come with big warnings about heart problems. Don't have heart disease that I know of, but I don't want to develop it - it runs in my family and I'm no spring chicken! The last doctor I went to see to discuss these meds did not even check my blood pressure! She had me sign all the papers saying that I had been carefully counseled about their dangers. No, I was not carefully counseled. I tried a very low dose of the drug she gave me, and it made me feel awful. Not impressed. Wish i could find something to help with the fatigue, because it has been bad this year. But I don't want to take the risk of heart disease.

HOWEVER… I'm glad to hear that YOU are doing well with what you're taking. I hope it continues to work well for you. It's amazing to be able to get things done and keep going! : )




Wow, Actually i didn't read that you can get heart disease from this med.. That isn't something I want for sure. Huh, I will have to take a better look at this. I know my mother is really worried about it.

Sorry that runs in your family. You definitely have to watch stuff like that. I have Stroke, high BP and Diabetes that runs in my fam. So I have to watch for those things.. I hope things are going well for you! Take care and hugs!


January - February 21

I have a hard time understanding how a doctor can prescribe stimulants and NOT ask about history of heart disease and warn you! But you may be young and healthy enough that you can tolerate it well. I took simple Dexedrine several decades ago - and it did help. Now Adderall is a mix of 4 different Dexedrine salts and can definitely cause heart problems. I believe all the stimulant drugs can. As I'm 60, I didn't tolerate simple Dexedrine very well recently - I don't know if it was because it was a generic, or because I am older. I don't have heart disease that I know of - but the amphetamines can cause sudden problems.

I must say when I took it in my 30s it did help me focus. I can't remember now why I stopped -- maybe when I got fibromyalgia.

Anyway, glad you are doing well on the drug - but it might be good to read up on side effects if you have family history of CV problems and just keep your dosage down. Sure sounded like it was helping you from your original post. Good luck with it! I'd be taking it if I could!


January - February 21

PS. I just checked Provigil at drugs (dot) com - and it does not seem to have the urgent warnings that the amphetamine drugs have - so maybe it is not as dangerous. Still, one has to watch the cardiovascular system. Here's part of what they said:

"To make sure you can safely take Provigil, tell your doctor if you have any of these other conditions:

angina (chest pain);
cirrhosis or other liver problem;
kidney disease;
a heart muscle or valve disorder such as mitral valve prolapse;
a history of drug addiction;
if you take blood pressure medications; or
if you have recently had a heart attack.

Skin rashes serious enough to require hospitalization have occurred in people using a medicine similar to Provigil. These rashes usually occurred within 1 to 5 weeks after the first dose.

Stop taking Provigil and call your doctor at the first sign of any skin rash, no matter how minor you think it might be."




Thanks again for all of the help. I am handling it pretty good. Haven't seemed to have any reaction to it (keep my fingers crosses). It has helped with energy and I am able to focus and get more done.. It has been a great helper to my condition. Even though now I seem to be getting more bad feedback from family and friends as to why I am on it. They tell me it is a legal form of speed and there is no reason I should be on it.. SO on and SO on... The bottom line is it is my body and I am giong to do what I need to!


January - February 23

Hi InPain -- glad to hear that Provigil is working so well for you! I've been so fatigued the last few months, I wish I could find something that worked for me… coffee works a little.

It's so ridiculous that people without fibromyalgia seem to think they can sit in judgment. I guess we all come to find out that sometimes it is better NOT to tell "normal people" what drugs we take. They don't understand fibromyalgia, nor can they understand the need for some kind of medication to maintain our functioning.

I'm with you. It is MY body. I do my research. I take what I need to do the best I can. I'm responsible, I'm careful - and everybody else can just shut up about it. Unless they have had fibromyalgia for years, they don't have a clue!



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