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Q10/cod liver oil
4 Replies
canadacalling - June 19

Hi there:
Has anyone been told to use Q10 supplement for energy. I have been seeing a naturopath, and he has suggested that and also cod liver oil, rubbed on the stomach area. Now, that last one is very strange to me, but he says the body absorbs this through the skin, oh well here goes another trial.

By the way, the Naturopath is very expensive and wants to perform a test that is to cost 250 dollars, and I will mull that one over in the next three weeks. I have some suggestions from him that are working, but do not think the special test will be on my card.....bye for now.


crazyfox - October 18

I take cod liver oil pills for severe pain in well!!


axxie - October 27

OH dear canadacalling, can you run.... fast, naturopath is only trying to make money off you.

Look it's true that some drugs can be absorbed by the body. Like, hormone creams that you would rub in the inside of your arms, wher the skin is more sensitive. But your body absorbing cod liver oil on your stomach is a new one on me.

Look, a naturopath is close to being a snake oil doctor, try to stay away from them at best. The real good ones, are good at selling. They are fast talker and good listener, know very little about the body functions and know as much as you about vitimans and their flowers.

Look I don't want to put them down, but I wanted to study at being a naturopath, sort of another line for me, I have a few degrees, one being in biology, the other in chemistry and my last in health science.

Do yourself a favour, run the other way, they are nothing but fast talkers, who know the correct way to listen to you and suggest things for you.

One of them to make money, is called testing, that your doctor has performed on you from the get go.

Buy yourself a book on plants and medicine and read up on it, you'll learn a thing or two and be twice more able to figure out what you need.

As for treating fibro with plants and herbs, sure try them, what the hell, it might actually work for you for awhile, we all do it, when we get tired of the drug that are pushed on to us, especially from the pharmacology.

Just don't get yourself had with these fast talking snake oil people, they want to make a fast buck with the testing.


axxie - October 27

As for cod liver oil, salmon oil etc, there are so many of them, they do serve you well in your body, and you should take them everyday with a good multi-vitamin.


jrzgirl1 - November 5

you will have many new friends if you take cod liver oil many, many cats LOL



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