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Voltaren Gel
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January - June 9

Hi all. The rheumy gave me some Voltaren gel to try. It is usually used for pain in smaller joints, like elbows, knees, hands. Supposedly it isn't yet "approved" for use on larger joints. Nevertheless, I have given it a try on my bad shoulder and I think it helps somewhat. Also, I've tried rubbing it into my achey hip joints, and again, I get some relief from it. It's not a miracle cure, but it does take the edge off. It is an NSAID, and comes with all the warnings about heart problems and GI upset. But I am using small amounts (less than they recommend). The gel seems to sink in pretty well, and I haven't experienced any strange side effects. Just wanted to let you all know, I am seeing some benefit with it. I got samples from the dr. so did not have to spend anything to give it a try. Might help somebody else! : )


Pikespeak - June 10

Thanks for the update January! I was waiting for you to try it first! HAHA! I am also upping my magnesium for the pain. So we'll see!


Pikespeak - June 10

BTW, I'm posting a new recipe today on the Diet page! Have a great weekend!


January - June 10

Hi pikespeak! OK, I'm the guinea pig. I did a lot of reading, and I still get nervous about all the bad side effects now linked with NSAIDs. Apparently Voltaren IS linked with GI bleeding, heart attack and stroke. It is available in pill form, and that may be the worst form to use. I am not sure if the gel is linked with the same problems, but when I read the warning packet, it was enough to alarm me. My doctor blew it off, saying "they have to put that in there." Me… I'm CAREFUL, so I am only using about half the recommended amount of the gel - and only once or twice a day, not four times a day.

In my reading, I learned that Voltaren is sold OTC in New Zealand. Also that something called Pennsaid is, I think, in Canada. The INTERESTING thing is Pennsaid is basically Volateren, combined with DMSO. Used for bursitis and tendinitis.

I've been using DMSO (70% cream - doesn't stink so much) with good results - hasn't "cured" anything but helps the pain and range of motion. Yesterday, I tried using the DMSO, and layering a small amount of Voltaren on top. Not complete, but good pain relief.

ANYBODY - USE AT YOUR OWN RISK. I have carefully researched the risks of these things, and there are risks. You might want to check with your own doctor before you try any of this stuff, if you're interested.


Pikespeak - June 18

Hi January! I finally tried this gel on my glutes. It seemed to really help! I also used way less than the normal "dose," which was adequate to take care of the pain. I also took a Flexeril and my usual Ambien. I had a great night's sleep!


January - June 18

Hi pikespeak - wow, glad to hear this worked for you! Did you get complete pain relief? Just wondering, as it doesn't ever completely cure my pain. I've been using Voltaren along with DMSO.

Actually, my really bad shoulder is the best it has been in months (still not pain free but better!) - I've been taking 1 serrapeptase at night and 1 Bromelain (500 mg, enteric coated by Life Extension) in the day. (Thanks to Fantod for info on both of these supplements.) Been doing this for two days, along with the gel - and I can tell a definite improvement! Able to exercise it.

But who knows! Could be a fibro trick…. maybe the weather's just better! : )

Hope you are enjoying the mountains - it must be so beautiful there at this time!


Pikespeak - June 19

January, IMHO, your shoulder pain might be a trigger point/referred pain. Do you have anyone you trust to poke around to see?

As for the gel, I had to re-apply it one night, but over all it seems to be giving me more relief.

The air quality has been iffy because of the wildfires in AZ and NM, as well as CO! Very dry and windy here. The mountains are lovely to look at!


January - June 22

Hi Mountainwoman! I guess that is one huge fire in AZ!

Thanks for the input about the trigger points. I have lots of prior experience with those in my back. The shoulder "feels" like a torn rotator cuff, although the severe pain is near one of the classic fibro trigger points.. and it radiates to other areas like a trigger point. It feels fine if I don't move it - but that's not good! So I'm trying to massage it every day, and keep it moving. It's better than it was, but it's slow going. I'm asking around about massage therapists. Thanks! : )



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