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19 Replies
MARILYN - July 6



beth - January 7

i dont no bout that buti take 9 mg of slow realease melatonin to sleep. which really helps. try and see if that works.. im 16 buti thinkit would work at any age


Jean - January 8

Hi Marilyn: Have you been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia? Did you tell your doctor you can't sleep? What did he/she say? The protocal for this condition seems to be antidepressants, muscle relaxers, pain medication, finding underlying conditions causing sleep problems and sometimes a sleep clinic can help with your problem. Talk with your doctor about that.


wendy - January 11

the nerve medicine that helps is neurontin. i have always had sleep problems and have been taking ambien and trazadone to help me for the last few years. i would be lost without them! i just recently started having significant problems getting to sleep and staying asleep again at night along with major pain from flare ups so i was put on neurontin to help me sleep and attack the pain. honestly it helped both the sleep and pain for a month or so and i am slowly going back to where i was before i started it. i will be re-visiting the doctor for this but atleast it has provided some relief. sleep is important to us fibromites so take what you can to get it and i recomend the above. :-)


Laura - January 17

I have FMS and Neurontin has heped me for months for the pains in muscles, and tendons. It took more and more doses however to help for sleep, and when I took the larger doses it caused headaches. So now I am back at square one with sleep problems. Meds. like Ambien, etc. only work for a few weeks then seems to wear off. I am still exploring more options as I still can't sleep for the first 3 hours. Good luck!


JJay - April 4

Might try Elevil (the generic, of course) -- it's a cheap antidepressant that, when taken around bedtime, might help a bit with getting to sleep faster. Sonata is also like Ambein, but has a faster half life, but very expensive.


Meg King - June 7

I take Rozerem Oral(
and Depakote at night for sleep disorder, FMS, CFS and migraines. THese two medications have helped me sleep throught the night. I used to take ambiene but was afraid of it's addictive nature. Rozerem is not addictive and it is a mild sleep aid. The Depakote is helping me with my migraines, depression (low seretonin) and sleep pattern. Hope this helps.


Anne R. - July 6

I also take neurontin, 1200 mg at night, along with 10mg of Flexeril. The first night I took it was bliss! Still tired a lot during the day, but at least I sleep at night. I've also taken Elavil (amitryptaline) with the neurontin, but didn't like how it made me feel. I also take 300 mg of neurontin in the morning to disrupt some of the pain signals during the day.

The thing to remember when taking drugs to sleep is to take them early enough in the evening so that in the morning you can function. I take all my night meds at 8:30, otherwise I'm more groggy than usual in the morning!


CSG4mom - April 2

My hubby has fibro and the doctors tried lunesta, ambian, amitryptiline (which caused him heart problems!!!), and Rozerem (worked but it is expensive and the effects seem to fade after some time), now he is on Sonata. He seems to work great. He takes it and is out like a light in 30 minutes. They say it is only supposed to last a few hours but he hasn't seemed to have many problems and doesn't talk in his sleep like he did on the Rozerem. It's also available in generic form and a whole lot cheaper!


Fantod - April 4

I agree with Beth. I already take Neurontin which is for nerve pain. I add Melatonin as well which is usually prety efective in knocking me out. I'm very intolerant of any medication so I only use 1 mg of Melatonin. You can takemore but I would start at 1 Mg and work your way up from there. Take care.


axxie - April 17

I take trazadone and so far, I helps me with sleep, but if I stay up after the pills has taken affect, then I'm done for and won't sleep. I can go on for about 72 hours of no sleep and I'll function but not my greatest.


jerrybaby - June 4

I take trazadone brand name Deseryl it is a antidepressant in low dose, great for insomnia. I have tried every sleep aid imaginable and this was the only thing that worked. It has been a life saver. I am back to deep sleep without waking. The first time in about 12 years.



Lunesta (to get me to sleep) and
Zanaflex (to relax my muscles and make my sleep more resorative) have been a great combo for me


mypain - June 17

Ambien is my blessing


mimosette - July 14

I seem to be very drug resistant. I take elavil, ambien to sleep, and even then, don't. Sometimes I get so deperate for sleep I wish I could have surgery just to have anesthesia to get a good sleep 1


lnavarro - July 14

Ambien CR is the best but keep in mind that you will be forgetting everything including having sex, eating or anything. I have been taking for about four months and I can finally sleep but the things I do at night are bizarre. I hope you the best.


LastsGal - July 15

Invarro, try Lunesta. No wierd dreams, sleep-walking & even if the spouse waits until 30 mins after you take it to "try" you can still make it happen. lol



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