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Carpal Tunnel
9 Replies
Canada17 - November 24

They say that people with FM are fives times as likely as the general population to develop carpal tunnel syndrome.

My mom and my sister both have carpal tunnel and they don't have FM, so it's no surprise that I've developed it.

It has really started to bother me more as we are at a point in the year at work that a lot of typing is required of me.

I have my desk all set up properly I'm just wondering if anyone knows any good exercises to help with preventing it from hurting so bad.


Fantod - November 25

Unfortunately, no. People with FMS are highly susceptible carpal tunnel, tendonitis and bursitis. I have bursitis in both hips and shoulders. If my hands start acting up next, I'll go barking mad. I hope you get an answer to your question. Take care.


Canada17 - November 25

Yeah, that's what I thought. I bought a brace to wear. It's just a cheap one for now until I can find one more suited to my wrist. The one I have has a strap that tightens right over the bone on the top side of the wrist, after one day with it on, that bone feels bruised. My husband says he doesn't care if a new one costs $100 because he thinks the one I got (which is perfectly fine) looks "ghetto". lol I love my husband, even with my brace he still wants me to look fashionable. His theory is that if I have to wear it all the time, I might as well look good while I do it. : )


Ruthy9 - January 16

I don't know how long you have had FM, I have suffered several years so far and my hands are worst affected. The more I use them the worse they are. Carpal Tunnel, inflamed joints, continuous pain. I have tried to continue the best I can with this but as the years have gone by they are getting worse rather than better. My personal advice is to take care of them as best you can. Continuous repetative use in my experience does not help improve them. I am now limited as to what I can do but still keeping positive. Good luck :)


bbk1950 - July 2

My mother had carpal tunnel in both of her hands. I have just recently been told that I have it. Doctor wants me to wear a brace on the right hand (it goes numb and hurts more) when I am busy and at night. He also wants me to go to physical therapy. I have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia, narcolepsy, epstein barr, diabetes mellitus and depression, now this carpal tunnel and he also did a scan on my head because of some issues I was having and he found that the frontal lobe of the brain had lower than normal levels of fluid. I ask myself what next.I don't even know what this will mean down the road. I just have to believe that the good Lord will see me through each mountain that pops up in my path. I just found this web site it was like finding water in a desert.


oktoberlady - January 9

The only exersize I know of is this: Spread your fingers out as far as you can. Place them together with your other hand. Push forward until palms are touching, while keeping fingers spread. Once palms are touching, press hands together for 10 seconds and release. Repete 5 times. That's it.I had carpel tunnel in both wrists and had it operated on and it went away. Recently, I scraped out a butternut squash and hurt my right wrist and the carpel tunnel came back. It's not bad, but it's there. I know eventually I will have to see a doctor about it, but not right now.


clgbutterfly - January 10

Yes we are more likely to have carpal tunnel and tendon issues. I went through a year of doctors trying to figure out what was wrong with my hands and btw Fibro messes up any sort of EKG or electrical test they try to perform. I found that vibrations made carpal tunnel like symptoms worse, so that i my first recommendation if you are doing anything that cause any sort of long term vibration (including using a rolling cart to move a bag or other stuff, long time in the car, etc) then stop. Secondly, get an ergonomic keyboard, your office should be able to purchase this for you since they are supposed to comply to safety guidelines that prevent repetitive injuries. Then work on circulation therapy. Anything to improve the circulation to your hands, and regulate it will decrease the pain. I've been known to go into the bathroom and just let the warm water run over my hands. Paraffin dips are awesome too! Also look at your diet, if you are low on potassium (most people are) then your "electrical" system could be off. Try increasing your potassium, this helps with circulation and noticeably reduce pain. This will also help if you have water retention issues.


MiMiL - August 23

I have had MAJOR problems with carpal tunnel. It started with my right hand and then the left hand. The doctors first wanted me to take medicines and then physical therapy. Finally I ended up having surgery....multiple surgeries...2 of which was for broken wrist. This was when FINALLY I got some relief from pain. The surgeon had to repair the wrist with plates and pins and when I recovered my pain was so much better. I have since done lots of research and found that sometimes people wait too long and get nerve damage and have all sorts of problems with their hands. I think this is what happened to me. I also want to add that people who are having issues should try Vitamin B 6 and IF this does not help then they should try P5P, which is a processed form of Vitamin B 6 that the body can use. It seems that some people can not break down the Vitamin B 6 so that the body can use what it needs. (P5P is found in vitamin stores) ....I was told that IF I took the first bottle and did NOT tell a difference then I should NOT waste any more money on IF you need it you will know by the time you finish your first bottle. I was quite shocked and surprised that I felt less pain after about 10 days of taking it. I have now been taking it for 3 years. I take one capsule every morning (50 mg) . It also eases my lower back pain. I have Morton's Toes and it seems that a lot of people have issues with being able to process some vitamins.


vickyb - January 22

I waited to get surgery on both of my wrists for 10 years from carpel tunnel. I'm so glad I finally did it. Now 10 years later I have trigger finger and hard lumps on my finger joints. I clean houses for a living so l'm
constantly using my hands.


MiMiL - January 22

For those of you who have chronic pain.....I would encourage you to be sure and ask the doctor to check you Vitamin D level. I have had all sorts of issues with pain and discovered that my D level was way too low. I have had parathyroid surgery and also cervical (neck) surgery too....I have had tendonitis and bursitis as well. When the pain gets bad I also take MSM...which is a supplement. I have found that the Powder works best....although I have read that the *crystal form is better...(but I can not find this in my area)...I have also tried the capsules but I think the powder works faster. It does have a very bitter taste but I have found that I can put it in a small amount of water and then drink a glass of water after I take it is the best way for me. You can find this at the Vitamin store. Do some research on it. One never knows just what might help until you have tried it. (I get the *now* brand)



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